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Another French Bulldog, In Another Hot Car

This one was in Texas, but thank God he was rescued in time. The video is painful to watch —


From the article:

Around noon time Wednesday, some concerned shoppers noticed the French Bulldog locked in a car parked outside of La Palmera which is the new name for Padre Staples Mall. Cynthia Moreland said she waited 15 minutes before calling officers because she wanted to wait to see if the owners would come out. When police arrived they found the dog with no water, and the windows rolled up. The decision was made to break the passenger side window.

“He couldn’t catch his breath. He was stumbling inside the car. He fell over the parking brake and landed in the floor board,” said Moreland as she described the way the overheated dog was acting. She told 3 news the owners came out and were very upset the window was busted.

That’s my favorite part — they almost kill their dog, and what are they most upset about? Their broken window.  But, hey! According to the owners, it’s not like the dog was even in the car for that long.

The owners of the dog, are a couple from San Antonio who didn’t want to speak us. The woman told us the dog wasn’t in the car any longer than 30 minutes. Those who called 911 say it appeared the dog had been left there for a while.

Well, 30 minutes — that makes it all so much different. Out of curiosity, I decided to see what the weather was like in Corpus Christi, Texas on Wednesday, August 20th. According to Wunderground.com, the mid day high was 91, and the low 75.

30 minutes in a locked car, at mid day in 91 degree heat. Just imagine that, for a minute.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again — there is no hell painful enough, hot enough or long enough for these people. There is no sentence that can be imposed that will suffice for punishment.

Sadly, of course, there will likely be no sentenced imposed at all. A small fine, at the most, and these idiots will continue on their way, feeling all put upoun and picked on. “What is the big deal”, you can hear them whining. “It was just 30 minutes”.

Wouldn’t it be nice if that’s what we could sentence them to – a corresponding period of time, in a car heated in the blaze of mid afternoon sun, to temperatures in the hundreds. No water, no shade, no open windows.

Just 30 minutes — not that long, really, but I believe the memory would last those idiots for a lifetime.

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  1. Cait
    Cait says:

    That dog is INCREDIBLY lucky. I had to leave Mal and Kaylee in the car on my way to the new house today while I put gas in the tank (taking the dog door to the contractors and we needed them there to measure or I’d have left them at home- it was HOT!) and I left the engine on and the AC on full- and I STILL worried!

    I’m in Dallas- an 8 hour drive north from Corpus. I don’t think *I* would survive 30 minutes in a hot car.

    Cait’s last blog post..Why do dogs chew?

  2. Susan
    Susan says:

    A far cry from what these duckheads did, but I know what you mean. I worried even in winter if I left Lucie in the car in the Whole Foods garage for 15 min. But I hope someone in this case had the presence of mind to get evidence of the dog spew (a pic at least) to show that he was in real distress and it was not just word against word. Then again, this is Texas, so I don’t know where it will come down — they are usually at one extreme or the other.

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