Bullmarket French Bulldog Breeders

Art for the Masses – and the Frenchie Lovers, too

Is there a space on your wall that is just crying out for some art? If so, and you’re in New York (or willing to travel there), pop on over to The Affordable Art Fair , at The Metropolitan Pavilion.

Mixed in with the Alice In Wonderland inspired prints, tiny hand colored photographs, and quirky statuary, you can find some more unusual and unique pieces to bring home, for fairly reasonable prices.

For price unknown, you can light up your loft with a chandelier, lovingly created from tampons, fake nails, hairbrushes and other odds and ends. It’s sure to give an atmospheric glow to even the stodgiest of dinner parties.

If you’re like me, you prefer your art, like all else in your life, to be French Bulldog themed. Does this mean there’s nothing for us at the Affordable Art Fair?

Absolutely not!

For just $4500, you can nab a nine inch high bas relief, mixed media French Bulldog (esque) sculpture, created from lace, buttons, cloth and sequins.

Artist Donya Coward does custom orders, too.

I’m not sure if you can custom order the chandeliers, but if you just don’t have space for a new lighting fixture, you can adorn yourself with artist Vadis Tuner’s birth control necklace.

The Affordable Art Fair at The Altman Building and The Metropolitan Pavilion, 135 W. 18 St. (betw. 6th & 7th Aves.) June 12-15 from noon – 9 on Thurs., noon – 8 Fri. and Sat., noon – 5 Sun.

For a list of galleries go to www.aafnyc.com

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  1. ak
    ak says:

    I too prefer my art to be canine themed so I HAD to give a plug to an artist who does in fact make the most superb and affordable “Dog Art” go ahead and google DoodleDogPaintings to take a look, she has immortalized our precious Daschund (you can see him “Oh Boy Ozzy!” on her page describing the process, and in one of her blog entries) and hopefully our Frenchie will be next!

    The Art is beautiful, and Kelly (the artist) takes alot of care to make sure the portrait satisfies your preferences, the portrait is my most prized possesion – who wouldn’t want their precious pups mug above the mantle! Check it out!Can’t say enough about Kelly and her work!

  2. James Green
    James Green says:

    I am thrilled you picked up on Donya Coward’s wonderful beaded French Bulldog – she is a wonderful talent. I think you will also be interested in Peter Clark’s collage dogs. La Petite (a French Bulldog) sold at the AAF New York can be viewed on Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery website http://www.r-h-g.co.uk. He too can work on commission.

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