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Bad, Bad Bunny

The chair that Bunny the bad French Bulldog ate

Here’s the actual chair that Bunny ate. I thought Sean had taken it out to the garbage, but turns out it was still sitting in the garage, so I thought I’d take a photo of it, just so you can see the glorious wreckage that one small, bored French Bulldog can inflict in the space of a few hours.

I should point out here that:

a) it’s almost impressive how thoroughly she destroyed it


b) I don’t blame anyone but myself for the fact she did it – I should have known better than to leave something so tantalizing where she could reach it (this is in spite of the fact that she also a hoof, a nylabone and a kong to choose from, none of which could rival the tastiness of this chair)

For those keeping track, the list so far of things that Bunny has eaten:

  • heating pad
  • lamp
  • small side table
  • baby monitor
  • plastic tray from a folding crate
  • 2 laundry baskets
  • numerous stuffed animals
  • wooden folding chair
  • numerous small rocks
  • the downspout off the house (thanks, Susie!)

We’re thinking of running it as  a sort of ticker on the side of the page.

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  1. Susie
    Susie says:

    Bunny’s little baby girl Weezie (ahem, nine months old three days ago) has the ability to cause massive destruction as well.

    She chewed the legs of two dining tables, their legs, the molding and edging of the house, the gates designed to contain her, her own crate, as well as destroy nearly every toy of her Puggish brothers…

    We sigh and say, “She’s just a baby.” That’s one of her names: Mrs. Baby.

  2. Susie
    Susie says:

    P.S. Nice work, Bunny. You are to be commended. Was that your work on the downspout as well?

  3. Susan Snider
    Susan Snider says:

    Oh, that bad Bunny….
    You needed a new chair right? She knew what she was doing.
    Solo has not destroyed any furniture as of yet, (knock on wood) he he.
    But any kid’s toy or cat toy he can find is demolished in no time flat. Actual dog toys are boring to him. Is that a “frenchie” thing….

  4. Susie
    Susie says:

    Mrs. Baby chewed up three entire *expensive* dog beds, too.

    The Pugs managed to keep those beds for seven years, intact. So I bought, in bulk, three new, cheap ones from Costco, which she also destroyed in quick order.

    Unzips the zipper, pulls out the inner pad and SHREDS it. Then proceeds to eat the fluff. Shall I send you a photo?

    She’s just a baby.

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