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Thursday 13 – The Bad Breeder's List of Excuses

This list originally appeared back on the rec.pets.dogs mailing list, around 2001 or so. It was written by Denna Pace. It might be old, but still holds true today.

Since there are 26 items on the list, I’ll post the rest for next week. Interspersed on the list are images of puppy mill/BYB bred Frenchies currently needing homes, fosters or donations.

The Backyard Breeders’ and Puppy Millers’ Big Book of Old Excuses
© Denna Pace 2001

FBRN Posey
Posey, FBRN Foster dog. Posey is like this because “A “breeder” let her demodectic mange get out of hand and surrendered her to a shelter. At the time of surrender Posy was described as “six pounds, 13 ounces; inflamed, hairless and infected.”

1. When called on bad breeding practices, ALWAYS claim that you are merely an innocent posting as a favor to a friend or family member.

2. Point out that everybody you know breeds this way, therefore it must be okay.

3. Claim that “snobby show breeders” are only criticizing you because they want to corner the market on puppy profit.

4. Claim that a Champion in the pedigree is just as good as 56 Champions in the pedigree. Not that it matters, because you doubt that there is such a thing as a dog with 56 champions in the pedigree.

5. Claim that you are just trying to produce good pets, therefore good pets are all you need for breeding.

6. When asked about health testing, enthusiastically point out that your bitch had a health checkup before breeding.

Fluffy, French Bulldog Village Foster Kid
French Bulldog Village K-Kid ‘Fluffy’. She “arrived in rescue unable to defecate naturally, struggling and straining to relieve herself. We discovered that her rectum had been sewn shut to prevent recurrent bouts of diarrhea! “

7. Be sure to mention that you do not need to run such health tests as OFA, CERF, thyroid, cardiac, patellae, etc., because your dogs look healthy and had no visible problems at their last vet checkup.

8. Point out that these tests cost too much and would cut into your profit margin. Be sure to champion the right of poor people to breed dogs.

9. Confidently assure worried rescuers that no puppy you produce, or any of their puppies or grand puppies or great-grandpuppies will end up in shelters because you have a bunch of friends who have told you that they’d like a pup from your bitch.

10. Point out that you don’t need Championships or working titles on your dogs because you are breeding for temperament and your dog is really sweet.

11. Silence those annoying people who ask about your health guarantee by assuring them that buyers can return any sick puppies and you will replace it with another pup as long as it got sick within a certain amount of time of sale and as long as you don’t think the buyer did something to make the puppy sick.

12. If your breed or line is rare (or you have a “rare” color, or believe your breed or color is rare), be sure to remind everyone that you do not need to show, temperament test, or health test your breeding stock because you are doing the world a service by continuing this “rare” breed/color/line.

13. No matter what anyone else says, claim that you obviously know what you are doing because you’ve been breeding for a long time. Point to the hundreds of puppies you’ve pumped out over the years as proof.

 French Bulldog Village K Kid Lucy
Lucy, another French Bulldog Village K Kid. Lucy spent her entire life being used as a brood bitch. She weighed less than 15 pounds when she came into rescue.

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  1. ak
    ak says:

    What a hideous reminder of the lowest level of abuse – truly sickening, I do applaud your efforts to remind people of how serious these issues are though…. even at the cost of my lunch.

  2. lm
    lm says:

    wow….fluffy’s story just floored me. it’s just dispicable and heinous that any sentient being could treat another living animal like that.

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