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Bored + Apps = Super Heroes!

I was clicking around on my Mac last night, and found my old pal, Comic Life. I haven’t played with Comic Life in ages, but playing around with it reminded me that what the world really needs is… More French Bulldog Super Heroes!

With that in mind, let me present the Frenchie League of Justice.

Super Power: Snuggle Rays instantly make enemies fall into warm, blissful, coma-like state
Weakness: Can’t resist urge to take naps
Nemesis: Heart

Super Power: Ultra Licky Tongue can reach across rooms, wiping up messes and coating bad guys in a layer of kibble scented saliva.
Weakness: Can be incapacitated through vigorous belly tickles.
Nemesis: Pixie

Super Power: Can color co ordinate any outfit, even neons; Nose Freckles can deflect bullets.
Weakness: Can’t sleep unless chin is resting on something soft, ears occasionally pick up Country & Western Radio stations, revealing location to bad guys.
Nemesis: Thor.

Super Power: Ears can go up or down at will, and can also double as satellite dishes. Piercing cries can dissolve concrete barriers.
Weakness: Bumps into walls when distracted by food, occasionally gets stuck inside of laundry baskets.
Nemesis: Heart

Super Powers: Eyes project beams that can melt the hearts of men. Can team up with Pixie to double super power strengths.
Weaknesses: Needs sidekick for full power, can be distracted by rattle of kibble against dish.
Nemesis: Delilah

Super Powers: Titanium coated puppy teeth can pierce Kevlar. Emits shrill yipping noise that confounds enemies, sets off car alarms, melts glass.
Weaknesses: Can be subdued by flipping her onto her back in turtle like manner.
Nemesis: Just about everyone.

So, what about your dogs? What would be their super powers, their weaknesses, and do they have a nemesis?

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  1. Kim
    Kim says:

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. What a laugh. Sophie can moisten the surface of anything soft while chewing bones to ick out any bad guy. Nemesis: Madeline the pug who has to own all the bones

  2. Susie
    Susie says:

    Weezie: Super Powers: Springy legs attached to muscled wiggle butt and butterscotch-spotted propeller ears with which to fly about house and sprinkle pixie dust on unsuspecting Pug Linus.

    Weakness: Pies. And various cheeses. Oddly these are fuel, too. Stinky poo mouf.

    Nemesis: Linus. Sleeping Linus.

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