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Breeding a French Bulldog Litter for 'Fun' – Part One

I’ve been engaged in a back and forth correspondence with someone who contacted me by email asking about breeding a litter. I’ve removed all of their identifying details.



Hello, My name is xxx and I just visited your website. I am looking for another frenchie to breed with my sweet, smart as a whip xxxx. No, I am not a breeder and I do not plan on becoming one. You see, this dog has brought so many people in my immediate family happiness, I believe he should be cloned (sort of speaking) so that everyone can have a piece of him! It was my younger son who purchased xxxx from a Breeder in Brooklyn NY.




xxx has a great look! He is a smooched faced frenchie (is there a name for that?) and he is black except for some small white markings. When my son got as a puppy, he was in school and still had a schedule that permitted plenty of time to be with him. Then summer came, and it was way too hot for to be living in the city so he came to vacation with me. You guessed it, me the furthest thing from a dog lover, fell in love with this dog and don’t really want to let him go. During this year, both my husband who has xxx and has become disabled and my xxxx who has been ill have been so entertained by this dog. I know my dear son feels bad about asking for xxx.




Anyway, that is my story and I am looking for a mate for xxx. I don’t have a lot of money and I know adopting is out since the females come spayed.



Please let me know any info you have! thanks






My reply, after the break.




Thanks so much for offering us the opportunity to breed to xxxx. He sounds like a great dog.

We’d love to take you up on this exciting offer, so here are a few of the things we need to arrange first.

Can you send me xxxx’s four generation AKC pedigree with colors? We’ll want to make sure we’re not doubling up on any color recessives, or line breeding on any common ancestors that carry defects. I’ll also need his show records, including date of obtaining AKC championship.

Since I don’t have his full AKC name, I couldn’t search his CERF or OFA records. Please send me his clearances and let me know if he has his CHIC number yet. Oh, and send me his VWD carrier rating, as there’s some recessive VWD behind one of my lines. Ditto thyroid, so a current thyroid panel would be great.

Did you want to ship semen to us? If so, we’ll need to get a motility panel done on him asap. Have your vet send my vet the results. Her name is Dr Boyd, and she’s a repro specialist in Owen Sound. If you’re sending fresh cooled, you’ll need to make sure your vet has shipping kits in stock. A teaser bitch will probably help with the collection, if you can get one. I think you’re in NJ, right? I can suggest a few good repro vets in your area. Wow, collection isn’t cheap there – $1500 plus the shipping seems to be the going rate for two collections. Plus another $500 or so for the motility panel results.. it sure does add up :)

Of course, it might be easier to send my bitch down to you. Of course I won’t ship her, so we’ll have to split the driving. I think you’re about 12 hours from me, each way, so we could meet at a half way point. That way we’re each only doing 12 hours. My girls all eat raw, but because of the stupid mad cow thing you can’t transfer raw between areas. So, you’ll need to pick up about ten pounds of raw turkey necks, which need to be coarse ground, portioned and frozen. I’ll send you the recipe for the veggie balls they get with that. I add tripe and pancreas to mine, but some people prefer kidneys. They also get fish oil, vitamin e, multi vitamins, vitamin C and raspberry leaves. I’ll try to send bitch pads down, because god knows other wise the blood gets *everywhere* while they’re in. Oh, and they only sleep if they’re on the bed.

Timing testing is about $1500 to $2000. Make sure your vet does LH *and* progesterone. Personally I’d also prefer them to do Draminski. Don’t forget, she neeeds to go *every day* for blood draws. If you pay, I’ll take it off your share of the c section and whelping costs.

Speaking of which.. it’s standard for you to split whelping costs with me. The section is about $2500, incl. an after care visit. Then there’s worming, first shots, puppy food, micro chips, etc – about another $1,000 or so. Litter registration is another $100 or so.

Of course, if there’s only one live pup, we’d have to do it all over again…

So, let me know when you wanted to get started!! :)


Part two

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  1. Sheri
    Sheri says:

    Wow! What a great response to let people know what goes into a responsible breeding program. I belong to the Chicago Frenchie Meetup and people are always asking questions about why Frenchies are so expensive and where to find a responsible breeder. Can we link to your response to this person or post this on our message board? Thanks for your input.

  2. frogdogz
    frogdogz says:

    Hi Sherri —

    Feel free. I know it might have sounded like I was being ‘snotty’ – and yes, OK, the thought “I don’t sell intact dogs to *anyone*, as it says on my website, but you think I’ll help you breed a litter for ‘fun’?” was running through my head when I wrote this.

    At the end of the day, though, everything I listed was a real step I go through when breeding a dog. For my last litter, I drove an hour and a half each way, once a day for ten days, just to do timing testing. And we got two pups. One of whom died.

    I truly, truly believe you can NOT breed Frenchies right – right meaning both well, and ethically – and make any money at it.


  3. Camille
    Camille says:

    Ah, I loved this. Another BYB wanna-breeder. I kinda feel for the dog. I mean, even though you basically said no, that’s not going to stop the owner from getting a hold of another irresponsibly-owned dog to breed with his/hers. What a shame!

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