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Bright Green Tunnel O' Fun

I think it’s important that puppies get exposed to lots of stuff – as much stuff as possible, in fact. I pop them in the playpen before I vaccuum. I keep them out when I have guests, so that they meet people. I give them crate time. I put little collars on them, and let them drag around a leash. I do as much I can to acclimate them to ‘real world’ situations, other than start their table training (because I’m a slacker, and I suck at training Frenchies to stand for the table).

For this litter, I really lucked out with an item I picked up from the discount section of Pet Edge. It’s a cat tunnel – a simple tube of velour, meant for cats to climb in and out of of. It has a hole in the middle, and the ends of the tube are filled with stiff, crinkly fabric that makes interesting noises.

I popped the tunnel down on the floor, and unleashed the puppies.

Initial response? Trepidation.

Followed by curiosity.

On the heels of which comes the discovery that – hey! It makes noises!

And you can climb on it!

Followed by the discovery that, for the brave, you can climb in it.

Finally, the puppies discovered that, with a team effort, you can roll it across the floor, lumberjack and log style. This proved very popular, especially when it was rolled with Thor inside.

The whole photo set is over on Flickr. Oh, and a bonus set – sleepy puppies.

Oh, and if you check on Blip? There just might a new movie.

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