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Bunny Babies

Bunny and Petal

Bunny and Petal, relaxing in the sun

Good news! An ultrasound this morning confirmed that Bunny is, indeed, with child. Apparently all of that plastic chewing has been fulfilling a necessary dietary gap in her prenatal diet. Even so, I think we’re going to insist she stick to actual food from now on (or at least until the kids arrive).

We saw two puppies on the ultrasound, complete with heart beats. There might have been one more, lurking in the background and acting all shy about having its photo taken, but we’re not counting on it. We’ll just call it two and be happy with that. Look for a ton of Bunny baby photos coming the end of February or so…

Delilah will be at day thirty by next weekend. As usual with her, we’re on again/off again – one minute we look and think “Yeah, she might be”, and the next we look and think “There’s no way”. As usual, Delilah has her own opinions on the subject.

Delilah says...

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  1. Jodi Brockington
    Jodi Brockington says:

    I am SO EXCITED and looking forward to seeing the puppies!!! Wishing for healthy baby Frenchies!!! Please continue to keep us posted. I am really interested in having a new dog and have been researching French Bulldogs for many years now and your website & blog I look at regularly.

    Best Wishes & Good Luck!!!


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