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Canada's First Pet Discovery Centre Opens in Toronto

Toronto's Pet Discovery CenterIt’s Saturday, it’s hot and you’d like to get out and do something with your dog – preferably something air conditioned. What’s a pet owner to do?

If you live in Toronto, you can visit PawsWay – which bills itself as “Canada’s First Pet Discovery Center”. Think of it as a “Science Center” for pets and their ‘parents’.

Located in the middle of tourist Harbour Front, Pawsway is a project of the Purina PetCare Legacy, a “special fund designed to support initiatives in the pet community that improve the lives of pets”.

“We know that when a strong bond exists between pets and their guardians, pets can enrich our lives in so many ways,” says Mary Siemiesz, Executive Director of the Purina PetCare Legacy. “Whether it is someone considering their first pet or an experienced pet owner looking to learn more, PawsWay will offer the education and resources to ensure a healthy and happy environment for all pets.”

PawsWay offer interactive exhibits designed to teach pet owners and prospective pet parents about breed characteristics, responsible pet ownership, crate training and more.

Some of the other activities available include:

  • How Pets Talk: What does their body language mean?
  • All Things Puppy and Kitten: How to make the right breed choice; tips on pet-proofing; crate training basics and more.
  • How Old Is Your Pet? Always thought your feline friend was seven times his age in people years? Think again!
  • Doggie Dance Routine – Witness a Canine Freestyle Routine to music and get inspired to dance at home with your dog!
  • Weekly Expert Forum – Pet experts will be on hand to answer questions about nutrition, training, and provide general advice.

Purina Hall of FamePawsWay is also the permanent home of the Purina Animal Hall of Fame, celebrating 40 years of Canadian pet heroes.

See video and photo exhibits of the dogs, cats and other animals who’ve earned one of Canada’s highest honors for heroics.

If you and your dog get tired or hungry, stop by the William’s Coffee Pub inside of PawsWay. The Cafe is pet friendly, and serves caffeinated beverages for you, and gourmet cookies for your dog.

Maybe I’m overly optimistic, but wouldn’t an exhibit de bunking some (all?) of the “Pit Bull” myths be a lovely touch?

General admission to PawsWay Pet Discovery Centre is free, including access to the centre’s Health & Discovery exhibits, Purina Animal Hall of Fame, and fun and excitement with select programming in the Pet Park. Some special programming may charge an admission.

Visit PawsWay –
PawsWay Pet Discovery Centre
245 Queen’s Quay West
Parking available at Queen’s Quay West & Rees St. (NW corner)

(416) 360-PAWS (7297)

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  1. The Cletus Residence?
    The Cletus Residence? says:

    Don’t be too excited about the possibility of debunking any pit bull myths, when the executive director of this place is already burbling about pets and their “guardians”. Where have you heard that language before, hmmm? Keep carrying your dog’s registration papers in your pocket…

  2. Trish
    Trish says:

    Hi. I have just fallen for the puppy scam. The breeder goes by the name of Ashly Comouxe and her email is shlcmx6@gmail.com. The transportation agency is Royal Paws Pet City in voyage, Ohio. The name of the person I wired money to is Tony Nickman at 512 Benson St, Camden, NJ, 08103. I exchanged several emails with the breeder, fell in love with the Brussels Griffon puppy she had for sale, and answered a lot of detailed questions about whether or not I was suitable to adopt her puppy. She used “ok” alot, almost after every sentence. WHen I asked how to proceed she asked for my address and nearest airport. Two hours later she emailed me to say the puppy was with the pet transportation agency which was waiting for me to send the payment so they could transport my puppy to me. I checked out the agency first and seemed very legit. So once they contacted me I wired them $350.00 american through western union. I then received an email from the agency waying the puppy was about to board the plane and they would get back to me with the delivery time. An hour later I got another email from the agency stating that my puppy was being held at the Ohio airport because his life insurance has expired two days prior and I had to send an additional $500.00 american to get him shipped to me or I would be facing criminal charges for animal violation. I realized at that point that I was definitely being scammed. so I emailed the owner and demanded that she either straighten things out on her end and get my puppy to me, OR reimburse my money, OR I would call my lawyer and the police. She responded that if I paid the 500.00 I would be reimbursed once the puppy arrived. Ofcourse I didn’t send another cent. Now I am left with no puppy, and I’m out $400.00 canadian. To make matters worse, I had to explain to my five year old daughter why the puppy wasn’t coming. She cried for an hour. I have been emailing the breeder all day with nasty comments, telling her I had the police and my lawyer looking for her. SHe ahs replied twice, once to say “yes, okay” and once to say “it is normal” meaing that being scammed is normal. I am outraged, saddened and I feel like a fool. Worst of all, my poor daughter had to learn a lesson like this far too young. THese people are disgusting and must be stopped. Please pass the word around. I don’t want anyone else going through this.

  3. Rich Reising
    Rich Reising says:

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