Gisele Needs a Throne

“Her idea of life is a warm bed, preferably with an electric pad, and a friend in bed with her, and plenty of shut-eye, night and days.”
– E.B. White

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Looking at Gisele today, you’d have a hard time guessing her past has been so rocky. Burrowed into a down comforter, she’s snuggled up next to her friend, Petal the cat, and is giving doing an excellent job of giving the impression that she’s always enjoyed life as a pampered Diva.

Less than a week ago, life was radically different for Gisele. Read more

Mi Sun in Korea Still Needs Your Help

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far to the Mi Sun’s airfare fund. We’re just over 1/3 of the way there. With time being so short for her at the Korean shelter, I’d like to be able to send them her airfare by the end of the week, rather than leave her sitting in the shelter for another month.

Please, please – even if you can’t donate, you can still help Mi Sun by spreading the word about her. Remember, supporting rescue doesn’t just involve giving money – you can also be a booster by spreading the word through Facebook or Twitter, or on email lists you subscribe to.

You can also donate items that we can raffle, or sell on eBay – and remember, they don’t even have to be French Bulldog or even dog themed. Anything we can raffle or auction off can help to raise funds for Mi Sun, and for other dogs like her! To donate an item for auction or raffle, please contact me by email, at

Let’s get Mi Sun out of Korea, and started on her new life!

Thank you to the following friends of Mi Sun – your donations are appreciated, and so is your support!

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Richelle Walsh
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Help Bring Mi Sun to Canada

I am once more reaching out for help with rescue.

I was just sent video of a little pied French Bulldog girl in a group run at KAPS. The private rescue group there that fosters has NO foster homes available for a Frenchie, and she is in a kill shelter. We estimate she has until month end, before she faces death.

If we can raise the money to get her to Canada or the USA, we WILL find her a foster home, either through French Bulldog Last Chance Rescue or through Eastern Canada French Bulldog Club and Rescue.

Will you help us, again?

I’ve named her Mi Sun, which means “Beauty and Goodness”, because every rescue dog we help reaffirms my faith in the goodness of people, and the beauty in the eyes of each of these dogs.



Here is her video – look for her at 0:02

French Bulldog Last Chance Rescue

In the aftermath of Dakota, those of us who have been so incredibly frustrated by this entire situation are faced with a choice.

We can give up on rescue altogether, toss in the towel and let the dogs fare for themselves. We can decide that rescue is just too hard, too painful and too emotionally fraught. We can choose to walk away.

We can devolve into bickering, as many of us (myself included) have been doing for the last few days. We can become bitter, jaded, angry. We can point fingers, assign blame and watch as rescue in North America turns into a game of politics, more than an exercise in saving French Bulldog lives.

We can put our heads down, ignore it all, call for peace and cry that we should all just get along. We can cross our fingers and hope that there will be homes for the other Dakotas in the future, in spite of the fact that a lot of rescues are walking away from this situation deciding that the Dakotas of the world are just too much trouble.

Our we can choose another option altogether – to look for a solution, to work for a change.

From Charlotte Creeley (Founder, French Bulldog Rescue Network – FBRN, and French Bulldog Village – FBV) –

Following discussions with various French Bulldog rescue supporters and the pledge of a significant amount of funding, we have started a new North American (USA and Canada) French Bulldog rescue group, the French Bulldog Last Chance Rescue (FBLastChance). We do not intend or want to impede the efforts of the existing rescues, our target group is the temperamentally challenged French Bulldog. The… death of Dakota has brought into sharp focus the fact that, as few and far between as these dogs might be, they deserve our help too. If we believe that a French Bulldog can be rehabbed, we aim to give him or her that last chance.

We will be announcing our board of directors as soon as we have final confirmations. Right now, we are in the planning stages, and we welcome your input, your support, your expertise, and especially your willingness to open your home as a foster home for one of our dogs going forward.

If you are interesting in becoming a volunteer in any capacity, please join our email group at

No secrets, no politics. These dogs need our help.