Four Rescue Frenchies in Four Days

Well, that was some way to kick off January 2012 – we just took in four French Bulldogs in four days, and we’re all feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Enoki and Otis come to us from an absolutely horrific situation. The location where they were left was littered with the corpses of dead puppies, dying farm animals and the signs of a hasty evacuation by the tenants. Enoki has one of the WORST ear and foot infections we’ve ever seen. Her ears are, quite literally, blocked shut with mushroom like growths (hence her new name). Her ears are oozing pus, and her feet are so swollen she has a hard time walking. She’s going to need a lot of care to get her back on the road to health, but she’s still a sweet, happy girl who loves everyone she meets (even if they are putting medicine in her ears).

Otis, her companion, is in better shape physically than Enoki. He’s underweight, but starting to eat well, so we hope he can regain some body weight soon. Mentally, however, he is still a scared little dog. He’s going to need a lot of love before he’s ready to trust people again.

Little Girl (aka Shirl) was picked up just this Sunday, and is bar none possibly the smelliest, dirtiest dog I have ever met. It took three baths to cut through the smell, and the rinse water ran black for the first two washes. She’s underweight and infested with parasites, but like almost all of our Frenchies, she desperately wants love and attention. She is going to make someone a devoted, loving companion.

Shirley and Otis will be available for adoption once they are altered. Adoption applications are here –

Please indicate which dog you are interested in.

Sadly, one of our kids did not make it. Winston, the little foster puppy, was diagnosed with advanced spina bifida with complications. The decision was made to put him down humanely, to avoid alleviate his suffering. We were by his side when he left, as was the woman who courageously turned him over to rescue, in hopes we could handle his condition better than she was able.

Rest in Peace, Winston. We only knew you for a little while, but you were loved.

As you can imagine, four dogs in four days has left everyone in Canadian rescue feeling overwhelmed, and frightened for the future. I suspect that this is going to be the year that it all catches up with us here in Canada, and that we need to consider this a ‘test run’ of sorts. We need your help – donations, of course, first and foremost. Winston’s bills were just under $2,000 and I imagine Enoki won’t be far behind. I’ve started a chip in with a total amount of $5,000 – it probably won’t be enough to cover everything, but at least it will be a start.

Please, please – we need your help, or we are not going to be able to care for these dogs. All of us have full time jobs, and are rescue volunteers. None of us receive a salary, or any form of compensation, not even for gas or the day to day care we give our foster dogs. We just need your help to cover their veterinary expenses. You are the most important piece in the rescue equation – without you, we would not be able to do this.

Of course, if you can do more “hands on” helping, we also need you. We need more foster homes (the newest little girl needs one in or near the GTA – cats yes, no female dogs), we need more people who can do transport, we need fund raisers and ad watchers and we REALLY need one super organized person who can help us keep track of who’s who and who can do what. If you’re good with a phone and a spread sheet, this is the job for you!

If you’re in Canada and can help, please fill out our volunteer application, which you’ll find here –

If you’re in the USA, you can also fill one out, and you can also offer to volunteer with FB Last Chance, which you’ll find here –

Here are some photos of the French (Canadian) Four.

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  1. Rhichard Devrieze
    Rhichard Devrieze says:

    I wish there was another button to click besides “Like”. “Understand or read” would be good. There is nothing to “Like” when I read these updates. The only thing that goes through my mind is that I would like to get a hold of these people and beat the living piss out of them. I know that this is not a solution either, but it barely describes how I feel when hearing how people can treat animals.

    I certainly will be over with my donation to help.

  2. Kelsey
    Kelsey says:

    Bless you for taking in these sweet dogs and doing all you can to help them out! Unlike some other breeders I do not ship my puppies. It is mandatory if someone wants one so badly, they will fly to Minnesota to meet me and their new Frenchie. Frenchies hold a dear place in my heart, but to treat any living animal this way is just cruel! I will definitely be back to check in on these little ones.


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