Friday Meets Cesar, Cesar Gets Licked

Friday, aka Billie’s much better behaved sibling, got to meet Cesar Milan at an event in Mississauga a week ago. Not only did he meet him, he got to lick him (Friday licked Cesar, that is, not the other way around, which would just be weird, even for a dog person).

Friday’s report back? “He tastes like chicken – and dog spit”.

Video and more photos after the cut!

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Famous Frenchies Friday!


Well, we knew it had to happen sooner or later – Dapper Mister Theodore, aka Teddy, aka Bullmarket Absolut To Catch a Thief, has finally made his catwalk debut as a model. To be more precise, Teddy debuted as the new “face” of Golly Gear, the world’s best store for small dogs and the people who love them.

For now, Teddy’s delightful photos are gracing the departments area of the Golly Gear Facebook page, but with looks and charm like his, can it be long before the great fashion houses of Paris and Milan come calling? Read more

Yay for Puppies!

Delilah says "I ain't birthin' no babies".

After a year and change for Delilah, and a year and half for Bunny, both girls have decided to take another shot at motherhood.

A house full of hormonal girls is making my life very interesting at the moment, and it’s about to get even more so with the arrival this weekend of the adorable – and very adolescent hormonal – Zeus, aka Bullmarket Absolut Notorious. In the space of a month, Zeus has gone from Mr. Innocent to Mr “I’ll Hump Anything That Moves”, so this should be fun vacation (for him, at least).

I’m crossing my fingers that Penelope will decide NOT to take part in the annual festive parade of hormones, as if she does I’ll have no other choice but to breed her. Her little brush with pyometra last time she was in season means that this cycle is do or die for her – it’s babies or spayed for our little Punky Princess. Personally, I’m hoping for puppies, but I’m hoping even more that she’ll go against the tide and wait until spring… or later.

For more details on puppy plans, check out our litter news page. Oh, and cross your fingers, because the last time we tried this, all of the girls missed. Breeding Frenchies sure is fun.

Caleb is homeless…for now

Caleb recovering at Kristina's house

Caleb has his new home!

Update: Caleb has a new home in Connecticut! Yay!

It’s strange how things sometimes work out.

Caleb, who I have written about here before, went to his new home on the east coast of the USA last week. We had thought this would be a perfect placement – Caleb would have another dog to play with, and with owners who already have a dog from us (Tula’s brother).

Unfortunately, it was not to be. Their male dog HATED Caleb, and took every opportunity to kick his little tiny puppy butt into next week. Sadly, his owners made the decision to return him, and Kristrina, who owns Caleb’s cousin Leah, made an emergency rescue mission from CT to NJ to pick him up.

Caleb is now in Connecticut, where he’s staying with Kristina and her family. He’s doing fine, but he’s once again looking for a new home. We’ve decided that it will be easier if we can find him a home on the east coast, within driving distance of Connecticut, rather than getting him back here to Toronto.

Caleb playing with Leah

Caleb playing with Leah

Potential homes for Caleb must have NO OTHER male dogs, unless you can prove to us that any male dogs in the house are very mellow and good with other dogs. Caleb is a very smart, sweet natured, affectionate little boy, and he LOVES other dogs (along with cats!), but he can be playful and rambunctious with dogs, so any other dogs in the home must be good with smaller dogs.

You must be within easy driving distance of Connecticut, and willing to pick up in person.

Caleb is lead trained, heels, sits and knows his ‘down’ command, and is litter box trained. He needs some additional crate training to be 100% house broken. He is stunningly well bred, sired by BIS BISS WKC Breed Winning AKC/JKC Int Ch Bullmarket Versace out of BPIS CKC CH Bullmarket Absolut Harvest Moon. He is being placed as a companion dog only, or an obedience/rally/agility prospect.

Caleb exploring

Caleb exploring

Photos of Caleb can be seen via my blog, or on Kristina’s flickr account.

If you are interested in Caleb, please phone his co breeder, Paula Roberts, at 519-848-5973

I am very emotionally invested in Caleb, and especially after this failed home, I’m going to be watching like a hawk to make sure any home he ends up in is a home that *deserves* such a special little guy!! I’m having to stop myself emotionally from just insisting that he comes back here, to us. If Sean had his way, he’d already be in the car driving to Connecticut.

Have I mentioned lately that being a breeder sucks?

Hope, Teddy and Luke

Hope, Teddy and Luke at the FBDCA Nationals

Hope, Teddy and Luke at the FBDCA Nationals

Check out Hope, posing with two of my very favorite boys – Teddy (on the left) and Luke (on the right). Can you believe how much they’ve grown? I think they both look fabulous.

Hope, Luke, Teddy and Luke’s owner, Andrea Morden Moore, are all in Wisconsin for the FBDCA National Specialty. Hope has a ton more photos over on her Flickr stream – check it out! Loads of Frenchie photo goodness.