Famous Frenchies Friday!


Well, we knew it had to happen sooner or later – Dapper Mister Theodore, aka Teddy, aka Bullmarket Absolut To Catch a Thief, has finally made his catwalk debut as a model. To be more precise, Teddy debuted as the new “face” of Golly Gear, the world’s best store for small dogs and the people who love them.

For now, Teddy’s delightful photos are gracing the departments area of the Golly Gear Facebook page, but with looks and charm like his, can it be long before the great fashion houses of Paris and Milan come calling?

Oh Hope, let’s pray you haven’t opened Pandora’s box. After all, how you gonna keep them down on the farm (or down in the store in Skokie), once they’ve tasted the bright lights of fame and fortune. Teddy’s brother Zeus says “You can have the catwalk, little brother – I still gots me some gonads and a lady friend (or two)”.

A boy and his daddy...

In other famous Frenchies news, our own adorable Po  is proud to announce that his dad Dustin is a contestant on the first ever “Top Chef Canada“.

I’ve lifted this adorable photograph of Po from the Facebook page of Dustin and Flo’s fabulously reviewed “Grace” restaurant, in downtown Toronto. Visit the Top Chef Canada website to see Dustin’s profile (shockingly free of references to Po, if you ask us) and to get a show schedule.

Of course, Po is already quite famous in his own right, having had his own Blog, “The Life of Po“, since he was a mere wee puppy, and what with his rubbing elbows (well, patellas at least) with super fab celebrities.

We can’t help but speculate… was choosing Dustin as a competitor all just a ploy to get closer access to Po? You never can tell with these papparazzi (pupparazzi?) types.

Better get an agent, Po.

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  1. Kimberly Lynch
    Kimberly Lynch says:

    Oh my…Bella and Bella’s mom have a MAJOR crush on Teddy…but then I always fall for the intellectuals! love Golly Gear too!

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