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Delilah is almost seven weeks old…and new video!

Yup, time sure does fly. Delilah will be seven week old this coming Tuesday. Like most French Bulldog puppies at this age, she’s going through that sometimes cute-sometimes weird phase, all gawky puppy feet and limbs. Only one ear is up consistently, with the other either flopsying all over the place, or flying half mast.

She is her mother’s daughter, with a jaw that can unhinge like an anaconda, and a voice she likes to use. A lot. She gave me puppy growls when I wiped her down with a cloth the other day, and she spends a lot of time dragging her tug toys around, quietly growling under her breath. She wasn’t thrilled with her first venture outside, but other than that she’s remarkably hard to phase.

She’s weaned onto raw now, and we feed her three times daily. She still gets a bowl of goat milk with every meal. Sailor still nurses her, and she sleeps with Delilah every night. I’m so lucky – Sailor is such a wonderful mom, just like Tessa was. I hope Delilah and Penelope have inherited this trait.

Delilah is going to be almost the spitting image of her mom, complete with Sailor’s slightly too-long nose and her wonderful breathing. She has tight little cat feet, a tail that’s finally starting to carry lower, and a lovely arched neck.

She gets a minimum daily dose of ten thousand kisses per day.

See the rest of her photos from today’s set here –

And… a new video! After the break.

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  1. Deb Summers
    Deb Summers says:

    I’m just all mush inside or my bladder is too close to my eyes because just seeing her makes me well up….

  2. Hammie's mom
    Hammie's mom says:

    Oh my god, it’s definitely a Bullmarket pup… what an attitude! I played the video and my Pug King Clovis went nuts when he heard her growl. He’s checking every window now, back and forth across the house, barking like a maniac. I think he thinks an itty bitty Hammie is trying to sneak into the house…

    I think I saw the Hammer smile in his sleep.

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