Ema was yours

A few months ago, none of us knew that Ema existed. She was a small, frail dog, living her life largely ignored, locked in a bathroom for most of the day and night. A few months ago, that is where Ema likely would have died – alone, un known, un loved, perhaps un mourned. She would have lived, and died, in obscurity – as so many of the French Bulldogs out there in the world today will.

We changed that, for Ema. She was my dog, and Eva’s dog, for a short little while, but more than that – Ema was YOUR dog.

If you ever once read her story, and passed it on – Ema was yours.

If you ever donated a single dollar to her, to try to help – Ema was yours.

If you ever found yourself wondering how Ema was – Ema was yours.

For everyone who read about Ema, and saw their own dog in her eyes – Ema was yours.

For a short time, Ema built us into a community. From a dog that no one knew, to a dog that had more friends on Facebook than I do – Ema was yours.

I like to think of the worlds that might have been, that might still be, someplace. I think that there is a world where Ema woke up from her surgery, her heart strong and vital. In that world, Ema is running with Jake, chasing leaves, jumping on and off of the furniture.

In another world, Ema is teasing Carmen with her frisbee, inviting her to ‘chase me!’.

In another world, Ema is tucked in a carrier underneath Eva’s seat, on her way to spend the winter in Spain.

In another world, Ema is at home with one of the people who read about her story, someone who thought “Ema should come live with me”.

In all of those worlds, Ema is happy, and she is loved.

What we did for Ema, by trying to save her, was give her the chance to have those other worlds. The money we raised, the money we spent – it is the only thing that saved her from being what she was, a small dog, alone, dying alone. We gave her the chance at those other worlds, just as she gave us the chance to imagine those other worlds.

To everyone who cared for Ema, and to everyone who loved her without even having met her, I say thank you. I held her, for all of you, and I am held now, by knowing that I don’t mourn for her alone.

I’d like to say a special thanks to Ema’s Veterinarians. Each of them did their very best to give Ema the chance for a longer, healthier life:

Dr. Boyle, Grey Bruce Pet Hospital

Dr. Minors and her Technicians, Mississauga Oakville Referral Clinic

Dr. O’Grady, Dr. Schuckman and the members of the Balloon Procedure Team, Ontario Veterinary College Teaching Hospital, University of Guelph

Dr. Brisson and the members of her Cardiac Surgical Team, Ontario Veterinary College Teaching Hospital, University of Guelph

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  1. Shirley Stephenson
    Shirley Stephenson says:

    She died knowing what love really was – so many die not knowing that – for that Ema was a lucky puppy.

  2. Julie
    Julie says:

    Dear Carol,
    Thank you for the very nice tribute to Ema. I know she is in a better place with the rest of our 4 legged fur kids.

  3. Tina Graybeal
    Tina Graybeal says:

    Everyday in your care was 100 times better than a day from where she came. She is in a place of neverending happiness.

  4. Holly
    Holly says:

    Carol, without someone like you Ema would never have known LOVE, she has crossed the Rainbow Bridge now running and playing with alot of Frenchies, in no pain life is good now for them, we will see them all one day.

  5. Jackie Drucker
    Jackie Drucker says:

    That was wonderfully written. What a great thing you did for her. We should all feel blessed that there are people like you caring for our loving dogs.

  6. Dana
    Dana says:

    Thank you for taking such great care of her and giving her a chance to play and be a puppy. She was truly loved by so many, even though most of us never met her. I have tears streaming down my face, like she was my own dog. Rest in peace Ema. Thank you for being with us for a short time.

  7. Joyce V
    Joyce V says:

    Bless your big heart for such a touching memorial & for everything you did to give her a chance.
    Run & play in peace Ema!

  8. Karla
    Karla says:

    OMG, I lost track of time and just signed on to check on Lil Ema. Oh my heart is just broken, I feel like I lost one of my own. Carol, you are truly a saint for giving her a chance and most of all giving her a real life. I would love to send a donation for all that you did for her. I’ll look around and see how to do that but again thank you for all you did for her.

    Karla and her french trio

  9. camille
    camille says:

    she was definitely loved. i am sitting here crying over a dog i never met. but i think all frenchie mommies and daddies feel like all frenchies are their kids.
    rest in peace dear ema

  10. Kiley
    Kiley says:

    What a beautiful song for a beautiful little spirit.
    I shed a few tears for a little one I never had the pleasure of meeting but am sure is running free now.

  11. Debbie Ecarius
    Debbie Ecarius says:

    Carol…. What a beautiful tribute to Ema. the music was so touching and said so much. I am drying tears right now so I can write. Ema was a beautiful baby. thank God that she had you and your family and Veterinarians to love her too. Your words that you wrote about Ema, about her old life and the loving life that you and others gave her so that she may leave this world knowing she was wanted and loved by many is awesome.
    thank you Carol and all that helped with Little Ema.
    God Bless you.


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