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First Annual French Bulldog Jamboree

I’m trying to make plans for the first annual French Bulldog Jamboree weekend.

The French Bulldog Jamboree is dedicated to one idea only — Making friends through our Frenchies! It’s open to all French Bulldog owners, and to potential owners, as well. Camping, fun, and more – and all with your Frenchies!

The weekend’s planned activities are scheduled to include:

– costume parades
– stupid owner/smart pet tricks
– consultations with trainers
– a pet psychic (was your frogdog Napoleon in a past life?)
– CGC evaluation
– a handling demo and class, followed by a fun match
– grooming seminar, with a nail cutting/grinding demo
– possible discussion of alternative healing/essential oils and massage for canines
– a welcome party on Friday night, complete with gift bags
– a Saturday afternoon BBQ and raffle
– other stuff as it comes up!! If you’d like to participate, rent booth space, or offer a service, please contact me!

100% of ALL PROCEEDS benefits French Bulldog rescue!!

All of this takes place at a pet friendly, camping cottage resort, on the shores of (shallow!) Lake Wilder, Ontario, Canada (about 2 hours north of Toronto). There’s also golfing, a spa, fishing, a bar and few other amenities, but this is a real old school rustic cottage resort. Here’s their link — http://www.homesteadresort.ca/ .

Two packages are available — a camping package for Friday and Saturday nights, with late check out on Sunday (this package includes daily breakfast and dinner). A 3 night package, for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights (again, includes breakfast and dinner). A day pass will also be available for Saturday, and includes the BBQ. We’re still working out prices with the resort (a lot will depend on whether we can book the whole place, or just part).

Tentatively, we’re looking at the weekend of Friday May 15th – Sunday May 17th, but I’d like feedback on whether that date works for a majority of people. I’m trying to balance a few things with the dates — warm enough we won’t all freeze our @sses off, cool enough for the dogs; not too booked at the resort (if we get enough bookings, they’ll reserve the ENTIRE resort for just us!!); not too close to memorial day/May 24 weekend in Canada.

Please give me some feedback on whether you’d be interested in joining us, if you’re able to help, or if you’d just like more info. A web page is coming soon!

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  1. maggie
    maggie says:

    I’m so up for this on the May 15-17th weekend as long as I’m still in Canada. I’ll try to get Adam to come up for that weekend so that we can bring the girls.. 🙂

    Uhm.. do they have cabins for this weekend? I’m all in for camping, but Adam? Not so much.

  2. frogdogz
    frogdogz says:

    I should probably try to explain what I mean by ‘camping cabins’. The accommodations are all cabins, but you have to bring your own blankets, towels and (I believe) drinking water.

    They’re like old skool cottages up in Muskoka.

    I think there’s also a less-roughing it farm house available.

    Either way, it’s not the Four Seasons, for sure.

  3. Lynsey
    Lynsey says:

    oh my gosh!! this sounds amazing….if only i didn’t live in Arizona!!!! what a wonderful idea, seriously.

  4. Susan
    Susan says:

    Very interested — Ken has a pretrial conference on the 15th but we may be able to get it moved this far in advance. Sounds like a blast! How far are you from the nearest airport — is it going to be necessary to rent a car to get there?

  5. The Cletus Residence
    The Cletus Residence says:

    Yeehaw! Cletus and Clovis are busting out their camping gear, I’m going to bring as many bad novels as a weekend can accommodate, and we are going to DRIVE NORTH all the way from the glorious bluestocking state of Massachusetts. Cletus gonna steer, Clovis gonna work the pedals. Between the two of them, they have a better chance of getting there than if I drive.

    We gonna let Dexter drive on the way back…

    Shhhhh! You weren’t supposed to SAY that.

    Okay, I’m an idiot.

    Where’s Tessa gonna sit?

    The Cletus Residence’s last blog post..Fan mail?

  6. Hope
    Hope says:

    Excuuuse, me! Tessa’s coming to Chicago after the Jamboree! Her devoted acolyte Dax has been eagerly anticipating visiting her mentor and strenuously objects to any and all attempts to preempt her claim to Tessa’s company. So there.

    Hope’s last blog post..Happy Birthday, Golly!

  7. Emily
    Emily says:

    If there will be a raffle or auction there, I’m happy to donate some of my Frenchie art 🙂 I do pins, pendants, and ornaments mostly.

    You can drop me a note if you’d like me to send some things *G* I even have a BUNCH of Frenchies almost done, I’ll be posting on my blog and website over the next few days.

    Emily’s last blog post..My Little Star

  8. Angelica
    Angelica says:

    Sounds like fun and for a great cause! I am from New York and would love to make the trip. It would be wonderful to meet the lady and the frenchies who bring me such joy through her blog, photos and videos! Thank you! Thank you!

  9. Kim
    Kim says:

    I am seriously interested is this fandango !! I talked with Sophie about it and she is very excited about seeing a big ol’ bunch of other frenchies. We’d like more info though because we would be coming from Wisconsin. If I can get my act together I have some ideas for some frenchie stuff to auction

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