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First Time Puppy Feeding

Introducing puppies to solid food is possibly one of the most hilarious, messy and frustrating aspects of dog breeding.

Some of them, like PB, take one look at the food dish and say “Oh boy, this is the life for me“, and dive in face first.

French Bulldog puppy eating solid food

Other puppies, like Hugo, are curious about the concept, but unsure of the exact method involved.

Hugo eats solid food

Princess Vela took one look at the food dish, decided that eating out of it involved the potential for dirty paws, and insisted on being hand fed. We, being her lowly minions, of course complied.

Vela is not amused

In the midst of all the madness, Po, like his brother PB, calmly got down to the business of eating as much as possible. He was very methodical about it.

Po, Vela and PB try solid food

The only one unimpressed was Jacques, who reasonably decided that he had a perfectly good buffet on tap in the form of his mother, and that more of his siblings eating solid food equaled more milk time for him. He sniffed the food, but decided it wasn’t up to par. We’ll try again tonight.

Jacques prefers milk, thanks

More puppy feeding photos here, on Flickr.

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  1. Jacques' Dad
    Jacques' Dad says:

    Hey JJ! It’s me, your dad. Can’t wait to get you to your new home. The entire neighborhood is excited to see you! We just have to explain it to the cat.

    See you soon!



  2. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    I like the site but how do you find previous blogs…there are rolling titles on the upper right side but no dates, on my computer there are just red x’s in the upper left.
    Did PB get a home yet?

  3. Heide
    Heide says:

    Hello! Loved the pictures, it brings back the memories when I use to raise Pugs.Keep up the good work, I know it’s hard but so rewarding in the end. Hopefully you might have a pup left, I have a 7yr. old female and am looking for a companion for her. Keep sending the pictures, there’s nothing adorable than puppy pics.

    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      Actually, the little red Xs are my fault. With this theme, every single post should have a ‘thumbnail’ photo, and frankly, I don’t know if I’m up to going back and adding one to all 400+ entries. So, red Xs for now, til I catch up.

      Sorry, IE users. Have you heard of this maaaagical new browser, called FireFox? All the kool kids are using it…

      Oh, hang on. All the kool kids are now using Chrome, unless of course you’re a kool kid on a Mac, which of course makes you the koolest kool kid of all.

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