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I believe I already mentioned that French Bulldog Village is in a bit of a cash crisis. I’ve been brainstorming fund raising ideas for them, and thought it might be fun to do a photo book. After all, what’s more photogenic than a French Bulldog?

Two things that I’m curious about – are people more likely to buy a book if it has a photo of their dog in it? If so, do you charge them for putting their photo in? I think you do, if it’s a book devoted to kennels or show winners, but not if it’s photos of pets. What do you think?


Assuming you’d personally buy a copy of a book if it was designed to raise money for rescue, which book would you be most likely to buy? There’s a poll below – please leave me your feedback.

Which fund raising book would you buy?
Which book would you be most likely to order:
Frenchie Faces – close up face shots
Frenchies in their Golden Years – Senior Dogs & Memorials
Frenchie Babies! Just puppies, under 6 months
Top Winning Frenchies – Photos of conformation, obedience & Agility winners
Frenchies of All Kinds – All kinds of Frenchies, any kind of photo

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  1. Lori
    Lori says:

    A book with photos of the Frenchies that FBV has adopted out and their “goodlife” now, might also be an uplifting idea.

  2. frogdogz
    frogdogz says:

    I thought that would be a great idea — an FBV Annual, with that year’s placed dogs. But, we also want a book that will appeal to the maximum number of readers.

    Another idea was a mix of photos and text, called “The French Bulldog, nose to tail”, with fun photos of each part, up close, and some text with details on things like ‘History of the Tail’, ‘Coat Colors’, ‘Caring for Your Frenchie’s Nose’, etc…

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