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The Boys are Done!

Dexter with co owner Sue Simon, and Luke with handler Lana

Dexter with co owner Sue Simon, and Luke with handler Lana

We have some fabulous show news to share! Thanks to the able handling of co owner Sue Simon, Dexter is now officially known as Champion Bullmarket Absolut Darkly Dexter.

Sue owner handled Dexter to all his American wins, something that some people would have you believe is now pretty much impossible in the American Frenchie ring, where handlers are seen to be the dominant force to reckon with.

As if Dex’s win wasn’t enough, his son Luke managed to also finish his Championship just this weekend, taking Winners Dog in Owensborough, Kentucky for his final win. Luke, now better known as Champion Bullmarket New Hope at Spiritdragon, is co owned with Dr. Andrea Morden Moore, DVM.

The next goals for Luke are for him to complete all of the required tests for his CHIC health clearances, and to take his chances in the ring at the Wisconsin FBDCA Nationals. Luke will also be competing in the rally and agility rings, with Andrea handling and training.

Way to go, boys! We’re so proud of you both.

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  1. JenniferJ
    JenniferJ says:


    Congrats to all involved!!! How fun for them to both finish so close! Good luck with CHIC and when is WI?

    As an owner handler, I know it can be done. But the pros don’t want people to think that. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Quick rant (promise!) Much of the issue is that not all owner-handlers do the the training, grooming or prep work. Most pros do. And sadly many owner-handlers get crap advice or “mentoring” and are not shown how to show their own dog properly. Or they never use a mirror to see what they are doing to their dog. Every dog is different, do not just copy whoever won that day! I have spent a good deal of time lately after judging sweeps, matches or just watching classes helping owner-handlers tweak grooming or stacking or gaiting issues.

    Owner-handler s should have the advantage, especially in the classes. They really know their own dog. I had a looong time, well respected pro once tell me that the biggest threat in the classes and breed ring to a pro handler is a well prepared, confident owner handler. And while it varies breed to breed, show to show (and of course, judge to judge!) O/Hs can be a force to be reckoned with. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Go boys!!

  2. frogdogz
    frogdogz says:

    Thanks Richard and Jennifer! Now we just need Leah, and then the new crop of Parys boys can come out and start kicking some butt!

    Hope has been working really hard with Teddy – Teddy’s brother, on the other hand, is still a wild man! I hope to get his mom and dad to meet myself and Thom and Diane at a show in August.

    Richard, if you tell me what shows you’ll be at, I’ll try to see if we can all meet up on the same day!

  3. JenniferJ
    JenniferJ says:

    When is FBDCA having Nationals? Hope it’s early Fall, I did BCA Nationals one year MN in October and we were driving through snow on our escape!

  4. JenniferJ
    JenniferJ says:

    DC in 2004 ? and/or TX in 2005?

    I was there. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Robin is a very nice man, Nationals are pretty much the only time I see him.

    MN was a bit odd with the rings on two different floors. And no ringside seating downstairs. That whole situation/fiasco prompted better oversight of show-site selection.

    September should be nice. We are in October in KY this year.

    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      Hmm, no – DC was earlier.. maybe 96 or so? Does that sound right? My brain is fuzzy on dates. I remember Nancy Harrison judged some of the classes, Robin did some others, and I think it might have been Cody who did sweeps.

      I was impressed by how smoothly the classes were run, and by how outspoken Nancy H was during her dinner speech. She actually said “I want to see health improve in these dogs”. I’d seen her judge Frenchies before – she was slightly intimidating, but talking to her later made me realize she was really a funny woman who knew her dogs.

      • JenniferJ
        JenniferJ says:

        DC was I think ’94 or ’95. We were In Richmond VA in 2004 and in 2011 it’s MD but us West Coasters call all of them DC. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Nancy is a cool lady. She has a true passion and love for each and every puppy or dog she breeds. We don’t always agree on dogs but I respect her tremendously. She gave my veteran first place at last years Nationals (he went on to AOM). On the ramp she told him that if I was not spoiling him enough to let her know and she’d set me straight. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Cody has judged Intersex at the Nationals twice since ’95. Time marches on!

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