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Frenchie Family Photo Update

One of the great joys of breeding dogs is getting update photos from owners. I’ve got a great big photo update to share today, and hopefully more to come in the next few weeks!

As I mentioned, Luke rode the Frenchie Underground Railroad from Mount Forest to Illinois. Here he is on one of his stopovers, monopolizing Fran’s lap space while he crashed at Auntie Hope’s house.

Luke is a Lap Dog

Hugo and mom Renee checked in from Brooklyn.

Looks like Hugo has decided two things:

1/ Parks rule
2/ Ears aren’t needed for him to be über cute

Jacques, on the other hand, has decided that not only are ears a good thing, but that he plans to follow the path to enlightenment (in hopes that it is sprinkled liberally with cookies).

Vela checks in to show us that she’s still a snuggle monkey…

And Maggie checks in with some updated photos of Sushi and Lola. In the convoluted family tree that is Frenchies, Lola would be Great Great Great Grandmother to all of the puppies, while Sushi would be great Aunt (possibly great aunt once removed – Frenchie family trees rival hillbillies and royal families when it comes to confusing cross over relationships).

Sushi Smiling

Sushi Smiling

Lola is still fetching (quite literally)

Lola is still fetching (quite literally)

Last, but far from least, Daisy (formerly known as Pixie), takes her very first trip to the beach with dad Ashley. Need we add she was not amused?

If you’re wondering where Po’s photos are, they’re over on his blog! Make sure to check it out.

If you have a Bullmarket Kid, make sure to email me your photo updates, so we can share your Frenchie’s splendiferousness (it’s a word, trust me) with the world. frenchbulldogz AT gmail DOT com

All of the photos in one big slide show, after the cut.