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Frenchie Pampering Goes High Tech in Japan – And the CAM is Live!!!

A dog undergoes oxygen therapy at Air Press salon in Tokyo

Ram, a three-month-old French bulldog, is placed in an oxygen capsule – a form of “pet relaxation therapy” – in Tokyo.
BBC News in Pictures

I could never understand why a few people were always so irate about dogs being sold to Japan. First of all, they do not ‘eat dogs’ there – they do in some other Asian nations, but even they’re not eating pricey imported purebreds. Finally, the Frenchie owners I know in Japan are obsessed with their dogs.

They’ll do anything for their dogs, including complex and pricey temple ceremonies for new pets, and more high priced toys, treats and beds than you can shake a stick at.I guess cultural prejudice is just so ingrained in some people that there’s no logical argument that can overcome it.

By the way, the webcam is finally live! Just as with the video, the quality will be so-so at best, due to lighting issues. See it here – https://www.bullmarketfrogs.com/camwindow.html