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Friday Zen – Little Old Lady French Bulldogs

Friday French Bulldog Zen

I love puppies – I love watching them play, I love smelling puppy breath, I love their little pink feet and their little pink ears. My truest love, however, will always be my senior citizens. Sure, they’re not as playful as puppies, but they’re not as high maintenance, either. They’re content to hang out, have a nap, enjoy the warmth from the fireplace. The older I get, the more I appreciate my old dogs.

Tessa and her daughter Sailor have had a tumultuous relationship. Even now, in old age, they’ll still occasionally try to kick each others asses, but more often they just snuggle up together, forming Frenchie bunk beds and cleaning each others faces.

This was one of those moments.

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  1. angelika
    angelika says:

    yes – old(er) bulldogs have this very special melange of wisdom and always good for a prank :-))) Grey noses are sooo lovable!!!
    Look…look the link in “website” .. this is my little Higgins, he will be 10 in april and the oldest puppie I know!
    Your blog is always an inspriration!



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