Give Yarmouth Your “Feedback” on Facebook

Tomorrow is the Yarmouth City Council meeting, where they will discuss passing what is quite possibly the world’s stupidest – and cruelest – dog legislation.


I know many of you have already written to them, and I’ve discovered another nice way we can make our voices heard – via their Facebook wall, which you’ll find here:

You’ll have to “like” their page to add comments to their wall, but please – make SURE that the people in Yarmouth, who rely so heavily on tourism for their area’s economy, and who are about to get steamrolled by their own city council – get a chance to know that the rest of the world supports them.

Tell Yarmouth that, if they pass this law, they will never see a single penny in tourism money from the dog lovers of the world.

Ethics, kindness, compassion, logic – those things can rarely sway a truly stupid politician on a ‘mission‘, but MONEY? That’ll work for you every time.