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Heart Explores Her World

Heart and her Daddy
Heart Meets Her Daddy

We started putting Heart out in the playpen in the family room — it gives her a chance to interact with the other dogs, see people, and experience more sights and sounds. So far, she’s enjoying it. What she’s not enjoying is weaning — why should she, when she lives with a walking dairy bar? We’re going to let her take it at her own pace — Tula is spending time out running and playing with the dogs while Heart is in the playpen, so that should make her a bit more motivated to cut off the milk train.

Here’s a video of Heart in her playpen – as always, you can see it full sized over on Blip. Oh, and in case you’ve never noticed, there’s a little button on the bottom of the video that looks like a video monitor. That lets you view the video full screen. On my 24″ monitor, the resolution is pretty good.

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  1. nestra
    nestra says:

    She’s looking less roly-poly. Next thing you know she’s going to be a big girl. Thanks for sharing her (and Penelope’s pups) with us.

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