Help support Veda!

Our friends at SNORT (Short Noses Only Rescue Team) in Buffalo, New York, have a really special girl they’d like to introduce you to.

From their website:

We aren’t sure exactly how old Veda is, but she is guessed to only be about 1 year old.  Poor Veda has one very upset tummy, and after being advertised in the classifieds twice, she couldn’t be happier or luckier to have landed in her loving foster mom’s hands!  Veda suffered rectal prolapse and received surgery to attempt to repair it.  Unfortunately, the surgery was not completely successful and Veda now has fecal incontinence.  To top it all off, she has a very upset tummy that could possibly be IBD.  Veda is very thin and understandably so–she has been sick for quite a long time.



Poor Veda! As you can imagine, it is taking a lot of tender loving care, and even more veterinary specialists, to try to get her on track to be ready for adoption. Veda has undergone several surgeries so far, but not all of them have turned out well.

Poor little Veda continues to struggle with her tummy issues.  She has seen 2 different veterinarians so far and goes in to see a 3rd on Friday, 6/10.  We have had multiple tests run on Veda to determine what could be causing her illness, but everything continues to come back normal.

The news from her last visit was good! Veda seems to have a stricture, which an additional surgery should be able to correct.

Veda’s stricture is small and short and a result of the previous surgery. The stricture actually looked “closed” on the films- like collapsed. Does that make sense? Touching on all sides. Dr. Brummer said it opens when she pushes. Poor baby. Everything else looks normal!!! Dr. Brummer is going to consult with the hospital surgeon on Tuesday and one of them will give me a call regarding surgery. Everyone fell in love with her there, especially Dr. Brummer. Usually a vet tech brings the dogs back to me, but he brought her to me himself, Veda under one arm and her diaper bag in the other 🙂  More to come…

Correcting this stricture should give Veda the chance to finally live a normal life, with a loving family. Right now, the only thing standing in her way is money – Veda’s team needs to raise the funds to get her this final surgery, and they are working their butts off to get it done.

You can make a direct donation via their paypal account (bottom of the page), or support via one of the other fund raisers that SNORT is running –

Custom Dog Necklaces on Etsy (each one is hand made by Veda’s foster mom!)

Veda’s surgery is estimated at $2700 – please help SNORT to reach their goal!

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As always, even if you can’t help financially, you can still be a Booster by getting the word out there. Post Veda’s story on your Facebook page, your Twitter feed, and in your blogs. Sharing really IS caring, folks!

Here’s a video of Veda, being a sweet little candy girl, and more photos down below. Come on, look at that face! How can you possibly say ‘no’?