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Hero Pit Bulls Save Chihuahua

Buster was saved from a coyote attack by two hero Pit Bulls

Buster the Chihuahua Terrier mix is lucky to be alive after surviving a vicious Coyote attack – and it’s all thanks to a pair of protective Pit Bulls.

From Denver Channel 7 News:

“He woke me up at 6:30 to do his thing. I let him out and I came out with him,” said Jodi Robinette of Littleton. “And about a minute later, he screamed like I’ve never heard an animal scream.”

Robinette ran after Buster and the coyote behind her home at 949 West Peakview Circle near Angeline Little Greenway Park.

“And right when I came around this corner, the coyote had my dog in his mouth, shaking him as he was running,” she said. “And then, I see the coyote at the very middle of this field drop my dog.”

Choking back tears, owner Robinette explained that the coyote dropped her dog because it was under attack by her neighbour’s Pit Bulls.

As for the pit bulls – they scared off the coyote and then protected Buster under a bush.

“They were circling him and sitting by him. Making sure he was all right,” said Robinette.

The attack occurred in Littleton, Colorado. Buster has some serious injuries, including lacerations and a collapsed lung, but he’s expected to make a full recovery.

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  1. Orlando Puppies
    Orlando Puppies says:

    I had 2 coyotes walk up to me and my dog one evening. Scared the heck out of me!! I picked her up and started screaming and they ran away. Needless to say my hubby is the one that does her evening walks now… I live in a busy apartment complex though and they were still there.. there not real scared of ppl it seems.

  2. Maggie
    Maggie says:

    Poor little Buster.. and what wonderful Pit Bulls!

    I work at Laird and Eglinton in Toronto, and a couple of years ago a coyote came up from the Don Valley and was wandering around the parking lot. I always try to be careful (as Buster’s owner was) to be close to the girls when we’re walking – and keep an eye out for anything that could hurt them. You really never know what could be behind the next corner.

  3. Keith Wichinsky
    Keith Wichinsky says:

    company for their undeviating presentation of their despicable ad portraying Pitbulls and Rottweilersas violent attack dogs; biting a mailman!!!!!!! In any allowablesituation a mailman can be construed as a threat to any dogs territoryand environment. …Join us in this relentless quest to mandate they remove this com…mercial and make restitution in some way to both breeds! Please…

    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      Although I’m sure your heart is in the right place, I have no idea what commercial you’re talking, since you didn’t ever say the company name. Also, ‘restitution’?

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