Holmes is Looking for a Family

The time has finally arrived – Holmes, the special needs rescue French is finally ready to move on and start his new life.

Holmes has overcome seemingly insurmountable odds – abuse, starvation, neglect and assorted injuries that we shudder to imagine the possible sources of. Through it all, his gentle nature and loving disposition have never flagged, no matter what has been thrown at him.

Now, he’s ready to begin doing what French Bulldogs do best – live his life as someone’s adored companion. This sounds like a good deal for Holmes – from a life of neglect to a life in the lap of luxury, but the person actually getting the better part of this deal is whoever ends up sharing their life with Holmes.

If you’re within driving distance of Southern Ontario, and can provide a home for a sweet, gentle loving little French Bulldog, please consider applying to adopt Holmes. He’ll repay you with a lifetime of love.

Read Holmes full profile, with adoption application link, here

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  1. Marian
    Marian says:

    What a wonderful success story!! If ever a little guyt deserved a great . Thome it has to be this little fellow. Thanks for letting us be part of it!

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