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How do puppies get to pet stores? Also, help Tia get surgery.

Do you ever think about how puppies get to pet stores? How do puppies from Missouri end up in a pet store in Manhattan?

They get there in trucks like this –

Snoopy is one of 27 puppies seized from a box truck in Webster, Massachusetts. Police arrested the driver, John Clayton, after they discovered the puppies covered in flies and filth. They were cramped in cages without water and the smell was horrific.

Investigators are now searching for 24 other puppies that also travelled from Missouri. They were all dropped off at pet stores before police raided the truck.

The delivery company, Puppy Ship out of Missouri, denies the allegations and claims the search of the truck was illegal.

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Video of the seized puppies and additional details below the cut, along with details on how you can help save the life of Tia, a French Bulldog found wandering as a stray.

Video of the seized puppies –

Personally, I plan to take this story, print it, and roll it up into a tube. Then, the next time some nitwit says to me “But I got a pet store puppy, and it’s just fine”, I am going to take that tube and smack them in the side of the skull with it, until the rocks fall out of their head (or they pass out, whichever comes first).

Meantime, over in the UK….

Tia the French Bulldog Needs Surgery

The staff and volunteers at the Croft Rescue Kennels, in Bridgend, need to raise up to £1,500 to help ease the discomfort of Tia – a four-year-old French Bulldog – who was found wandering in the rural Vale.

A vet has diagnosed Tia with cauliflower-like bilateral proliferative growths at the entrance to her ear canals.

The condition is believed to have worsened through not being treated early The growths cause Tia major discomfort in both ears and the only cure is to have them removed from deep within the ear.

Kennel manager Janet Long said: “When Tia came in and we saw her it was unbelievable.

“The vet has seen this before, but normally very early on.

“The cost for this operation is very high.

“We have been quoted around £1,500.

“Our finances can only stretch so far with the volume of dogs we see in the kennels and we simply cannot afford to pay this.”

Janet added: “She’s a friendly character with a fantastic personality.

“She’s always bouncy and loves to come for a hug and to give kisses to anyone that will let her.

Anyone able to contribute a donation, however large or small, should call 01656 862288 or visit www.croftrescuekennels.com

If you can help Tia, please make a small donation. The UK hasn’t experienced the sort of rescue situations we now deal with on a regular basis in North America. There isn’t the funding place to help Frenchies like Tia – but, based on the influx of cheap Eastern European French Bulldogs flooding into Great Britain, I fear it’s time for them to start preparing for a lot more situations like this.

Until then, dogs like Tia suffer the consequences.

That link again – www.croftrescuekennels.com

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  1. Kyla
    Kyla says:

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    The Happy Tails Books website is http://happytailsbooks.com. Please share this information with anyone who might be interested in picking up a book or sharing a story!


  2. Alan
    Alan says:

    Hi. I work at the kennels where Tia is situated and would like to thank the admin of this site for writing an article on Tia. Tia really deserves this operation. As the article says, we have been quoted £1500(approx $2800) for the operation. Any donations are more than welcome so please visit our website for more details.

    Thank you in advance!

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