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Hunter Shoots Child Cancer Victim's Puppy

I should point out here that I’m not anti hunting, although it’s not my personal recreational activity of choice. That said, years ago I confronted two hunters walking up our lane way. They had obviously been hunting our posted property without permission. When I confronted them about it, one of them casually pointed his gun at my dog.

Ever since then, it’s taken a lot to convince me that there aren’t an awful lot of assholes out there playing ‘kill bambi’ every fall, and this story hasn’t done a lot to change my mind –

Police are hoping that a B.C. man, suspected of shooting a four-month-old Jack Russell puppy just metres away from its home on Quadra Island Saturday morning, will soon report to police.

“I’m hoping that he will turn himself in,” said Cpl. Craig Peterson of Quadra Island RCMP.

Owner Nick Rose said the dog — called Seymour — was a gift to son Max, to mark the end of three-years of cancer treatment.

“My kids were happy and laughing like they haven’t been in years. My son in particular since before he was diagnosed with cancer I hadn’t heard those kind of giggles and that kid of laughter out of him.”

But all that changed on Saturday morning outside the rose family’s Quadra Island home.

“We had our new puppy with us, and we had a great night just the three boys, and we’re staring our chores and down the road walked two hunters returning from an unsuccessful dear hunt.”

Both of these hunters had shot guns. Not knowing any better, Seymour did what most puppies would do.

“He bounded out in his affable, puppy-like way wagging and simpering and practically peeing himself wanting to say hi.”

But Rose knew the two men from an incident a few years earlier and he knew this was trouble.

Frantic he called Seymour back. But the puppy just followed the pair around a corner and out of sight. That’s when a shot rang out.

“I ran to the end of our driveway and looked around the corner and there was our little puppy, quivering in his death-throws at the side of the road.”

The hunters ran off leaving Nick and his kids in shock along with the rest of the island community. Even police are in disbelief.

“I’m like you, stunned, shocked that a senseless act like this has been carried out,” said Peterson.

Police know the identity of one of the hunters and are hoping they turn themselves in to face possible charges.

“Right now we’re looking at dangerous use or careless use of a firearm as well as endangering an animal, in this case killing a dog.”

For Seymour’s family, charges are taking a back seat to the emotional impact and senselessness of what happened.

From News MSNBC

Can I also point out how completely and utterly pathetic it is that the best our justice system can do to this heartless, soulless asshole is charge him with “careless use of a firearm and ‘endangering’ an animal”? Come on, Canada. It’s time to insist on laws that actually have some teeth. If you hurt an animal, you deserve a lot more than a slap on the wrist.

I’d wouldn’t want to be the Crown Attorney who tells Max Rose and his family that the best justice we could get for their dog was a $500 fine and a weekend in jail. It makes me embarassed of our justice system.

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  1. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    This is not so much a story about hunters as it is about a sociopath. It makes me sick to my stomach to know I share a world with a person who would shoot a puppy in cold blood. What else is this person capable of? This is indicative of a seriously disturbed individual.

    Sarah’s last blog post..A Tragety, indeed

  2. Susan
    Susan says:

    I disagree with the classification. Stupidity doesn’t describe it. Sarah is closer to the mark, if not on it. In children, torture and abuse of animals is considered a key indicator of future criminality and likelihood of child or spousal abuse. Transfer that conduct to an adult who knows exactly what he is doing and it logically has to show someone who has no regard for life or the rights or feelings of others.

    I have mixed feelings about hunting. I would never engage in it myself, except for survival (let’s hope the economy doesn’t get THAT bad). But only a couple of towns away there is a massive problem with deer overpopulation, creating hazards to drivers and other issues. Their natural predators just aren’t here. I think people who enjoy killing for sport have some deep psychological issues, but if they stay within the law, I guess it is tolerable. Unlike this sick f***face’s behavior.

  3. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    Well I do have issues with hunting…though I realize that with our increasing population hunters are needed to help with deer overpopulation. But I agree shooting this puppy is not about hunting, this person is sick, plain and simple and the fact that it is hunting season just gives him license to carry a gun and do things like this. Personally I cannot fathom how anyone can get enjoyment from taking a life, from watching another living creature die in front of you and call it sport.

  4. Marie
    Marie says:

    Coming from a hunting family and a hunter myself that is NOT something a responsible hunter would ever even THINK of doing. (and we hunt for food on our table, not sport, the big trophy bucks get passed up in favor of smaller better meat)

    My question is WHY are they waiting for him to turn himself in? Does that seem odd to anyone else?

    Marie’s last blog post..A victim of stereotyping

  5. frogdogz
    frogdogz says:

    I assume it’s because they know who he is, but not where he is. Otherwise, they would have picked him up. They’re subtly saying “Don’t make us come looking for your ass”.

    I should also point out that while I’m not saying that all hunters are psychopaths, my personal experience tells me that there are some out there hunting because of power and sadism, and not for food. Power + Crazy Person = bad situations.

    Sustenance hunting doesn’t bother me in the least, especially not as someone who embraces the Homesteading movement.

  6. Debbie
    Debbie says:

    This individual they call a hunter, or a Victoria resident, or by his name, is not fit to be called anything, not even human. If “IT” can shoot a harmless puppy and call it an accident then what else is “IT” capable of? A 14 week old puppy means no harm, and just wants to play – this monster should be put away. If crown and the judge just fine this monster, then they may as well have been there and pulled the trigger. SPCA should get involved and take it’s dog away too. It has no right to be allowed to carry a gun. I can’t help but think that a couple weeks ago the big news was the possible escape of a pet tiger that is enclosed in a huge double fenced pen, and society lets idiots like this monster run around carrying a loaded rifle so he can torment and torture and kill a families beloved innocent pet.

  7. H Houlahan
    H Houlahan says:

    Am I the only one who noticed little niceties in the MSNBC text, such as:

    shot guns?
    dear hunt?

    Can I use the “hunter” as a blunt instrument to bludgeon the “reporter?”

    H Houlahan’s last blog post..Standard Issue

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