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I'm calling it maintenance…

.. but really it’s an excuse to screw around with new graphics and some awesome new plugs ins.

If you check in over the weekend, don’t be surprised if, from time to time, things look a bit wonky.

I’m playing around with some new blog styles — some of which are pretty radical looking — so don’t be all “OMGWTF?” if you drop in and find flying crows and goth-slash-emo fonts littering up the place.

The sucky thing about word press is that, if you really want to tinker with a theme, you have to activate it to try to change the features and see if they’re working. There’s really no other way to test it out fully.

On the other hand, if you enjoy the mental image of me tearing out my hair and bashing my head against the monitor in frustration, feel free to drop in and see if anything looks seriously screwed, because rest assured that, if it does, I’m sitting over here quietly losing my mind trying to fix it.

Oh, and the Nellkins are out of the whelping box, and into.. umm, the whelping pen. Actually, it’s an ex pen, in which they have an automatic waterer, beds, toys, pads for wee weeing on, and a gate that Nell can get in and out of at will (ok, mostly out of). Heart will be spending half the day in there with them, and the rest of the time — and at night — she’ll be with Tula.

I might get ambitious and break out the web cam tomorrow night, for some live puppy play time action. If I do, I’ll post it here and on the mailing list.

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  1. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    Found the pics referred to above. So unbelievably cute. Nice to see some ears coming up. C’mon Rumble and Thor don’t let those girls beat you…….
    I love the escape attempt pic. Heart is definetely the ringleader.
    Counting sleeps ;0)
    Good luck with the revamp.

  2. DreamEyce
    DreamEyce says:

    Believe me, I understand the joys of wordpress! I ended up starting a ‘fake’ blog to mess with, so I could play around with a fake one, instead of messing up on my real one! LOL

    DreamEyce’s last blog post..Bully photo shoot

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