French Bulldog puppy party time!

These adorable little chunk muffin French Bulldog babies are running me ragged! I’m going to need at least two new washing machines before this is all done (we already one pair already!).

Guess what makes up for all of that laundry? Puppy parties! That’s what we call it when we put all of the puppies down on the floor and just lie there while they crawl all over you. If every sad person in the world could have one puppy party a week, soon there’d be no more sad people left 🙂

Here’s the latest video of our gorgeous bunch of monkey babies:

Oh, and if you’re not already looking at their photos, they’re over here, on Facebook (you don’t have to have a Facebook account to look at them):

I know it’s hard to believe, but two of these kids are still looking for their new homes – Wally, the fat little Brindle boy, and either Pumpkin the pied boy or Meredith the black masked fawn girl (Olga gets to pick!). Learn more here.

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