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Judging at Westminster – Stocky Bodied White Women in Suits

Hey, it’s really the handlers being judged most of the time, so why not just announce* it that way?

* on that note, what the hell was up with the actual announcing this year? Is turning your mike off between comments really that difficult to figure out? I loved the part where, during best in show judging, he kept muttering that he “couldn’t see” (I assume because they turn the lights way down for it). I kept thinking “someone needs to get him one of those portable wallet lights“. It was like listening to your grandpa trying to give a speech.

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  1. SmartDogs
    SmartDogs says:

    The crap quality of commentators speaks volumes about the disdain the network has for dog shows. They put more time and effort into finding people to provide commentary on curling.
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    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      I agree about the commentators, but the actual show announcer is chosen by the WKC itself. Which, now that I think about it, likely says something about the make up of the WKC board itself. Did you know that it is STILL an all male club (an all male club of old, rich white men, to be more specific – see this page). It makes sense they’d hire one of their own.

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