KW Kennel Club Weekend Wrap Up

A quick thanks to everyone who came out to the Kitchener Waterloo Kennel Club dog show this weekend to meet some Frenchies! At least six or eight people came out, some of whom I had only the briefest of moments to talk to, for which I apologize. Next time, we’ll try to organize things a bit better, so that I have a chance to talk to everyone. It was pretty funny, actually – at one point, we’d taken over the entire corner of the floor, and it looked like a tiny Frenchie Meet Up in progress.

Karen brought Holmes along for socialization, and so he could meet some of his fans. If you didn’t get the chance to meet him, you missed a truly uplifting experience, because I have rarely met a more gentle, sweet, affectionate little dog. I don’t think that anyone who met him came away without tears in their ears, as one look at his still frail body and the realization of just what exactly it means that he has gained seven pounds since he came into rescue overwhelms you. It is simply impossible to look at him and picture him seven pounds thinner, without wanting to burst into tears.

Luckily for us, Holmes tolerates no maudlin emotions – he’s too busy head butting you to insist you scratch his ears, or leaning up against your legs while you stroke his tummy. Holmes already has an adoption pending, which is really no surprise. Anyone would be incredibly lucky to share their lives with this wonderful dog!

In the show ring, Pickle did remarkably well for her handler Thomas Curley, but it’s Diane Bell that she really loves. Sending a dog out with a handler is always nerve wracking – you worry about how your dog will be treated, and whether or not they’ll be happy, but there was no question about this with Pickle! After almost two weeks away from me, her reaction was pretty much “Oh, hey. You look vaguely familiar. Now get out of my way, so I can go see my real mommy, Diane”.  Heartless little creature.

Pickle didn’t take any points, but her cousin, Lyra (who is out of Butters and Versace) took a single point on Saturday, and two points on Sunday.

On Saturday, Richard Rockford’s Baxter, aka Baxter Viva Atletic, took Best of Winners,  leaving him just one single away from his championship! Stoli, Billie’s daddy, took Winners Dog and Best of Winners on Sunday, so the entire show ended up being a sort of family affair.

After showing, Pickle went off with Robert and Diane Lowes, of Robb Isle French Bulldogs fame,  to Midland, where she is currently enjoying (or at least tolerating) a rendezvous with her hopefully-soon-to-be baby Daddy, Bullit.

The lovely Gisele (aka CH Petite Cherie Savoir Faire at Foxmoor) took Best of Breed all weekend, with a Group Four on Sunday. Congratulations to everyone on team Gisele – owners Dr. William Stoyka, Anne McIntyre and co owner/breeder Pat Berry, for the great year Gisele is having!

Pickle is entered in Ottawa, but unless her breeding is all wrapped up by Thursday (which is doubtful), I don’t think we’ll make it there. Too bad, because there’s a great entry of Frenchies!