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The original creator of the Labradoodle now says that he regrets ever having created one of the world’s first “designer cross breed dogs”.

From The Guardian Newspaper:

If Wally Conron had known what was going to become of the labradoodle, he wouldn’t have bred the dog in the first place. It was 22 years ago and Conron, now 81, was working as the breeding and puppy-walking manager for the Royal Guide Dog Association of Australia when his boss set him a tough task. A blind woman from Hawaii had written asking if it they could provide a guide dog that would not shed hair, because her husband was allergic to it. “I said, ‘Oh yes, this will be a piece of cake. The standard poodle is a working dog, it doesn’t shed hair, it’ll be great.’ I tried 33 in the course of three years and they all failed. They just didn’t make a guide dog. Meanwhile, the woman in Hawaii was getting older and the boss was getting on my back.”

Conron decided there was one possibility left – take his best labrador bitch and mate it with a standard poodle. They created three crossbreed puppies that needed to be boarded out to be trained and socialised, but nobody would take them – everyone wanted a purebred. And that’s when Conron came up with the name labradoodle. “I went to our PR team and said, ‘Go to the press and tell them we’ve invented a new dog, the labradoodle.’ It was a gimmick, and it went worldwide. No one wanted a crossbreed, but the following day we had hundreds of calls from people wanting these master dogs.”

The labradoodle proved to be a brilliant dog for the blind, and the woman in Hawaii was happy. Job done. So what was the problem? Ah, says Conron, it’s how the dog has been used and abused, and sold under false pretences. “This is what gets up my nose, if you’ll pardon the expression. When the pups were five months old, we sent clippings and saliva over to Hawaii to be tested with this woman’s husband. Of the three pups, he was not allergic to one of them. In the next litter I had there were 10 pups, but only three had non-allergenic coats. Now, people are breeding these dogs and selling them as non-allergenic, and they’re not even testing them.”

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  1. JenniferJ
    JenniferJ says:

    I have two “bullpeis” right now. 9 weeks old, cute as hell, walking future vet bills.

    I didn’t breed them, I didn’t buy them. They came into the shelter with their emaciated, demodex ridden, hairless, entropic poorly bred bulldog mother.

    I’ve seen bullpeis online for thousands. Gahh!

  2. Kat
    Kat says:

    I actually heard a woman in High Park a few weeks ago talking about her “pure bred doodle” I almost walked up to her and slapped her.


  3. Marie
    Marie says:

    When people decided Labradoodles were a real breed they started crossing all kinds of dogs in the same fashion. I’m sure he’s not to happpy about that as well. I love that he called it a gimmick. To bad people are still falling for it.

  4. Kandis
    Kandis says:

    It never stops. Today I met an Australian bulldog (actually kind of cute. Kind of a cross between a Frenchie and an English. The owner told me there now exists a “Chinese” bulldog – all grey. Where does it end?

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