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Little Miss Chunky Butt Opens Her Eyes

10 Day old French Bulldog puppy

Princess Chunky Butt is growing by leaps and bounds, not all of them merely in terms of her girth, either.

Her widdle eyes are open (first one yesterday evening, second one this morning), so no more flash photography for a while, which means any photos will be a bit dark and grainy. She’s also super quick at crawling around, and can find her way to Tula’s most readily available nipple in record speed. As a singleton, she’s pretty much used to getting her own way, and squawks up a storm if you pick her up or do anything to thwart her attempts to get to where she wants to go.

As we learned with Delilah and Solo (ok, mostly with Delilah) singletons are a special kind of dog. Affectionate and loving, for sure, but used to getting their own way, and sometimes less than cognizant of the fact that they are actually dogs, and not small people in fur coats. Because of this, I’ve been contemplating putting two of the largest of Nell’s puppies in with her.

Cutest French Bulldog Puppy Ever!

Penelope has tons of milk, but she’s a rather lackadaisical mother. She cleans the pups, but she’d rather sleep on the floor than in the whelping box, and if one of them starts crying, eh – that’s what the nanny (meaning me) is for. Tula, on the other hand, would eat through the door if she heard her puppy crying on the other side of it, and Heart is so clean you’d think she’d been put through a car wash. If we moved the two largest pups, the smaller ones would have a chance to nurse more readily, Penelope would have less work to do, and Heart would have some siblings to both keep her company, and give her a run for her money in the competition department.

I haven’t quite decided yet if I’ll do so, but it’s a possibility.

The rest of the photos are over here on Flickr, and here’s a little video with her Royal Cute-i-Tude showing off her crawling, wiggling, rolling over skills – and her open eyes! Music is by Feist, because Sean was in the background yapping to me about laundry, and no one needs to listen to that..

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  1. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    How adorable I love the parting shot of the chubby bum in the video. She’s beautiful with her eyes wide open.
    I can’t wait till Nells puppies open their eyes.

  2. Susan
    Susan says:

    “Little Miss Chunky Butt” — sure, give the girl a self esteem problem before she’s even looked at herself in a mirror!Soon she’ll be joining Jenny Craig, and eating nothing but pureed vegetables, appearing the talk shows…

  3. ak
    ak says:

    I have a guilty confession to make…. My cuteness fix is completely filled at home by my frenchie girl and doxie boy… But at work – well, your page makes some grey days pretty tolerable – and with these puppy updates! completely glues me to the screen -‘widdle eye’ updates and all – THANK YOU – I dare say the world may be a better place because of it…

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