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Little Puppies, Big World

First of all, congrats to all of my neighbours south of the border (and to the ‘cranky dog bloggers’ of Bark Obama in particular) for electing a new president. It’s a nice change to no longer have to worry that any minute now ‘Merican troops are going to mass near Niagara Falls and declare that they’ve annexed us into a new state. Plus, ‘President Obama‘? How cool does that sound? Let’s hope the next four years are great ones, for all of us.

We’re in the middle of an unseasonably warm spell here in Ontario, so I’ve been letting the puppies explore the outside world a lot more.

Here are some photos from their first foray outside – the full set is over on Flickr, along with a new playtime set.

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  1. maggie
    maggie says:

    I’m afraid that I must insist on two things.. One: When the puppies go to their new mommies and daddies, you must take ‘bon voyage’ photos. Two: As part of the contracts that their new parents sign, they must create Flickr accounts and post photos a minimum of three days a week. 🙂

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