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Mae gets around

A few people have asked how Mae is doing, and how advanced her symptoms are. This quick video shows some of her more clearly visibly symptoms – her turned in rear legs, her habit of walking on her knuckles, the drag marks she leaves behind in the snow.

More importantly, it shows her super happy disposition – and illustrates why we’re so happy to have her here with us again!

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  1. Maggie
    Maggie says:

    She looks great! Obviously her quality of life is fantastic, and she looks really happy. How could she not? Between all of the love and care from you and all of the attention, affection and play from her pack, she’s got everything she needs.

  2. Marianne
    Marianne says:

    Carol she looks like she settled in great and enjoys the company of the other pups 🙂 Its true she has the most wonderful personality and is so so loving and sweet. People all gushed over her everywhere we went. Although we miss her terribly and heartbroken at her prognosis, at least we know what she is dealing with and with you is now able to get what she needs to make her at least comfortable. Thank you so much Carol. Take care of our lovey bum MaeMae and keep us posted. Miss her, big hugs xo to the Mae

  3. Jenniferj
    Jenniferj says:

    Watched the video, hoping for some insight on my new rescue foster. He has SOMETHING going on but probably not DM as his front is weaker than his rear…..

    Tomorrow is the 3 hour schlep to the neuro specialist.

    Mae looks happy, glad this is a painless condition and she has typical bully “so what, who cares” attitude!

    • Jenniferj
      Jenniferj says:

      New foster turned out to have an untreated vertebral fracture and ruptured disc so severe that NO cerebral spinal fluid was getting by it.

      Special place in Hell for the person or persons who left him like this for, at the neurologists best guess, about a year.

      Dogs are so much better at just getting on with life than most people are. They’re tougher too.

      Here’s to little dogs beating the odds.

      • frogdogz
        frogdogz says:

        Oh no. Poor little guy. How does someone just ‘miss’ the fact that their dog’s SPINE is fractured? Unbelievable. Do you have any photos of him, and who are you fostering him for – which group? Feel free to give them a plug!

        • Jenniferj
          Jenniferj says:

          I brought him home from the surgeon yesterday.

          The good news is that the weak front left is now working really well. Unfortunately his front right is not cooperating but the doc says it’s temporary and due to swelling from surgery.

          I wish he was smaller than he is, it would be so much easier to just carry him but I have my own ruptured disc so he has to walk (with help)

          I’ll be fostering him until he has rehabbed. World’s Sweetest Dog, he should be easy to place once he’s healed up.

          Shameless plug for Northern California Bulldog Rescue, Inc 501c3 http://norcalbulldogrescue.googlepages.com/

          I’ll have pictures of him later today or tomorrow. He came in with severe skin infections and eye and ear infections, almost certainly due to immobility because of pain. He looks a far sight better, but we’re still a few weeks away from maximum cute. 🙂

        • Jenniferj
          Jenniferj says:

          No pictures yet, he’s had a pretty shitty couple of days. Nerves waking up, weaning off of high dose steroids and just really exhausted and sore.

          Unfortunately he’s a decent size. I tend to think of him as small as he was always hunched up before surgery, but like a lot of EBs, when it’s dead weight, they are awkward to support. MY back is now killing me. When his pain control is adequate, he’s pretty woozy.

          Hope Mae continues to do well. 🙂

        • Jenniferj
          Jenniferj says:

          Better, but no pictures. Anyone around have experience with rehabbing a dog from spinal surgery when the procedure was significantly delayed?

          Everything I read on cervical disk rupture recommends surgery within 48 hours. This dog was injured at least a year ago, If anyone has dealt with a case like this, I’d love to hear what worked, what didn’t etc….

  4. Jenniferj
    Jenniferj says:

    How’s Mae?

    Jasper, the afore-mentioned broken neck dog, put me through 6 weeks of stress and hand wringing but is finally (finger crossed, wood knocked) on the upswing.

    He was A LOT sicker than we though, tough ol’ bugger.

    It’s possible I have a new dog……. le sigh

    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      Mae was sick for a few days, and I was all “oh, woe – it’s a DM thing”. Turns out it was just an “oh, woe, my dog ate something stupid and has been puking ever since” thing. In other words, same old same old. She’s fine now. My couch, not so much.

      • Jenniferj
        Jenniferj says:

        Bullies, big or small, are all tougher than people give them credit for. 🙂

        My last big dog puke-fest was because of attempted toad consumption(toad is fine, if smug). Luckily we are in California not Florida!

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