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Maybe Unicorns Aren't Such a Bad Idea

Oh boy. Today was one of those days that make you wonder why you didn’t decide to own cats, or raise unicorns, or potted plants.

I got up to discover that not only had Sailor had an accident in her crate, but that she’d done so in her own, incomparable fashion  – by sticking her butt up against the crate door. Sailor is an unbelievably clean dog – she will literally do almost anything to avoid going in her crate. Outside of her crate, all bets are off if you’re not quick enough opening the door . Oh, she’ll give you a warning bark or two, but if you miss it, tough luck for you, and enjoy cleaning up that pee spot on the floor. In her crate, though, it’s a different matter. She’s one of the most fastidious Frenchies I’ve ever known.

So, instead of lounging around drinking coffee and working on a few files, I got to spend the first two hours of my day scrubbing a crate, and the crate tray and the floor, and then washing all of the blankets, just for good measure. Sailor just sat there looking at me, with an expression I can only assume was meant to convey “Next time I bark at 3 am, you’re going to pay attention, aren’t you?”. Lesson learned, and yes – I will pay attention to 3 am barking much more closely from now on.