Meanwhile, in Ontario…Meet Mojo

An update on Mojo:

Thank you all for your support of Mojo.

Mojo has his first vet appointment today, where we’ll try to get an idea of just what sort of surgeries and care we’re looking at for him. We are also documenting his condition and his injuries, for potential cruelty charges.

We will keep everyone posted on his progress, but there is a limited amount of information we can release right now. Let me just say that, in all my time doing rescue, this is one of the worst things I’ve personally been involved in.

If you can, please donate to help us get Mojo the care he needs. His paypal link is here:

Also, if you’re in Southern Ontario and looking for a fun, healthy, happy adult male French Bulldog for adoption, why not check out Ulric? He was part of the cross Canada Rescue convoy I talked about a few weeks past.

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