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Mickey Rourke Brings Chihuahua to Oscars (more or less)

Say what you will about actor Mickey Rourke, but the man sure loved his dog. The ‘eccentric’ actor, known for his volatile temper, foul mouth, bad plastic surgery and hard drinking ways showed a remarkable soft spot while attending the Academy Awards on Sunday night. Instead of an expensive necklace, Rourke wore a custom made necklace with a picture of his recently departed Chihuahua, Loki.

Photos and details after the cut.

Mickey Rourke with Custom Chihuahua Necklace and Pin

From the AP story

Mickey Rourke arrived at the Oscars here Sunday with a special red carpet date — the memory of his beloved pet Chihuahua who died last week.

The 56-year-old former wildman wore a cream Jean-Paul Gaultier tuxedo and an open-necked shirt that displayed a necklace bearing a photo of his long-time pooch of 18 years, Loki.

“She’s the love of my life. She made it until six days ago. She left me at a time where after 18 years she knew I’d be alright,” said Rourke, a best actor nominee for his portrayal of a washed-up prizefighter in “The Wrestler.”

“It’s bittersweet. I said to myself I’d rather have Loki for another two years than an Oscar. And I told her that. But she stayed as long as she could you know,” he added.

Rourke bought the pendant from an artisan on my personal favorite custom crafts site, Etsy.

Seller “WickedWorld” gives details on how pet lovers can obtain their own custom made memorial necklace –

If you supply me with an image via the internet or mail, I can custom make a piece for you as I did here for Mr. Mickey Rourke (who happens to be the coolest guy on the planet and took time out of his busy schedule to personally call and thank me….i’m still shaking.)

Your images will be soldered between 2 pieces of glass with silvergleem lead free solder (which has a high silver content.) This is a double sided pendant and can be made in the following dimensions:
1″ X 1″ (as seen on Mickey) or 1″ X 3″ (as shown on this website.)

No word yet on where Rourke got the Loki lapel pin he was also wearing.

The necklaces look cool – I’m just not sure that the world is ready for Mickey Rourke to become a style maven.

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  1. Dawn
    Dawn says:

    That was very sweet, you could see he was deeply hurt by his dog’s passing.I also really liked the way they did the best actor/actress and supporting actor/actress.Loved seeing some of the previous winners and greats!I do have to say, I”m glad I had it taped first, had to do alot of fast forwarding.

  2. Lenore Gana
    Lenore Gana says:

    Hello, was just searching through your web site and decided to add the RSS feed, however it’s not working with my webbrowser (I’m looking at it with Google Chrome) any trick to get around that?

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