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“Miracle” Pawz

Pawz dog boots are great for senior dogs and degenerative myelopathy dogs

I read a review of Pawz dog boots on line, in which someone mentioned that they gave their senior dog extra traction when walking on slippery floors. This has been a huge problem of late for Tessa – while she does well on carpeted floors, or even on grass, she just can’t seem to keep her feet when walking on our hardwood. Anything that could possibly give her more traction would be a godsend. Intrigued, I bought a package of the small size Pawz boots, and decided to give them a test run.

They’re not fancy – basically, they look like natural rubber balloons. You slide them on your dog’s foot, and the rolled edge keep them in place. First impression is that your dog is wearing balloon animals on their feet. Second impression? That your dog, who previously was slip sliding on her rear, is suddenly walking with more stability and balance than she has been in months!

I decided to try them out on Mae, who has Degenerative Myelopathy. Same effect! Mae is now running around and playing, instead of wiping out and falling every few steps!

There are twelve pairs in the package, and I paid $20 Canadian for them. Each pair is re usable, and when they start to show signs of wear, you just toss them in the garbage.

I am completely blown away by what a difference such an inexpensive product has made for my two wobbly reared girls. Pawz get two pawz up from Tessa and Mae!!

I am pretty sure that they’re available in the USA as well as in Canada. I did find some for sale on eBay and Amazon, and their website is http://pawzdogboots.com/about/

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  1. muffintops
    muffintops says:

    pawz are amazing and luckily they sell them in a few pet stores here in nyc (company is based out of brooklyn). i use them for all the damn salt/chemicals used in the winter on the sidewalks and streets which happens to be terrible for actual doggy paws.

    my dog doesn’t really mind wearing them – they do stay on very well. the noise of a dog wearing pawz running is pretty funny, its like four balloons galloping down the hall.


  2. Aline Nolasco
    Aline Nolasco says:

    This is awesome! I don’t think I’ll find it here in Brazil, but maybe I can buy it on the internet… My little girl is having some problems with the slippery floor and she’s not getting any younger…

    Please, show pictures of Tessa and Mae showing off their new fashion items!!!!


    • Andrea Friedland
      Andrea Friedland says:

      Hi Aline – I did want to let you know that we have a couple of retailers in Brazil who carry PAWZ Dog Boots….
      Woof Pet Boutique LTD.
      55 41 3779 9412
      Pet Life
      55 11 3758 1366
      Pacif Commercial LTDA
      55 11 3872 2354

      Andrea – PAWZ Dog Boots

  3. mikken
    mikken says:

    I looked at these, but was concerned about cutting off circulation to the foot – how snug is that top part?

    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      They’re fairly tight – I think you could cut off that very top part, and still have them stay on quite well. That’s what I’m going to do for Mae (she’s a more rubenesque gal – I can relate).

      • mikken
        mikken says:

        Thanks! My girl is 16, so starting to get up there and while she doesn’t have trouble with the floors yet, I can see the possibility in the future.

        Good to have a contingency plan!

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