Monkey Baby Customer Service FAIL

Well, our monkey baby arrived, but I have to say, I am totally not happy with it.

I was promised an adorable little baby Cappuccino monkey, but when I opened up the box, this is what I got.

Cute? Sure. But that is TOTALLY not a Cappuccino monkey baby – and NO, premiumprimates, a “Cappuccino Colored Outfit” is NOT the same thing. Customer service fail. Good thing return shipping was included in the price.

Monkey baby fail

This is NOT what I paid for. Back in the box you go...

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  1. The Cletus Residence
    The Cletus Residence says:

    HOW COME you sent it back! DARN! You KNOW Clovis would have taken it in a heartbeat! He LOVES faux Cappuccino monkey babies! Especially those ones with the adorable little outfits you can take off and put on.

    Cletus sez, Clovis, you’d look silly in a monkey outfit…

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