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My Dog VOTES – Or, 'why does Dalton McGuinty want to kill my puppy?'

Next week is the Ontario provincial election, and if Dalton McGuinty wins, I’m planning to pack my shit and head for south of the border.

Dalton and his lie-berals – I mean Liberals – are the brain trust behind Ontario’s Dangerous Dog legislation, the one that banned everything from Pit Bulls to Staffy Bulls to every dog in between that looks like it might have a little of whatever in it.

Delilah is sad because Dalton McGuinty wants to kill herThis law scares me. It scares me, and it scares right thinking pet owners everywhere. What scares me even more, however, is the Lie-berals – I mean Liberals – stated position that, if re-elected, they will not only keep the Dangerous Dogs laws intact, but will expand it to include even more dogs – including, it’s rumored all the Bull breeds. Yup, that includes Frenchies, and English Bulldogs and likely Bostons (Boston Bull Terriers, don’t forget). Don’t even bother pointing out that obvious, that this is utterly ridiculous. We know. We all know.

Want to know what’s even more ridiculous? This law includes puppies. All puppies. Puppies like Delilah. It’s a law that would allow – no, not allow, force – Animal Control to come to my door and seize my six week old puppies and kill them. Kill them.

Kill them for being the wrong breed. Kill them, because politicians are stupid, and it’s.. well, it’s for the children, don’t forget!

They’d kill Delilah. Dalton McGuinty wants to kill Delilah.

Over my. Dead. Body.

Or his, whichever comes first.

Content of the most recent CKC bulletin about ‘My Dog Votes’ day, after the cut.


We can count in hours the time left before the Ontario polls open. The Canadian Kennel Club respectfully asks for your time over the next 10 minutes to review our message and emails received from candidates with their personal stand on Bill 132.

The CKC, established in 1888, has the mission to “service its membership and the community at large by giving support, understanding, help and guidance in all their canine related endeavours” and today we continue to do this.

We know Bill 132, the “Pitbull Ban”, has affected many CKC members in Ontario (approximately 10,000) and countless others in a broader provincial community of responsible and loving dog owners.

We all know the issues, cite expert criticism of breed banning and show support for dangerous dog legislation that is not breed specific.

We also know the reasons Bill 132 is ineffective and should not be part of our lives. We must go beyond the statistics and the making of laws and consider the everyday impact on the streets of Ontario ignited by this campaign issue.

Bill 132 has;

* changed the perception of dog ownership in Ontario
* changed lives of responsible dog owners in general, for many, in specific costly and painful ways
* changed the way our own neighbourhoods respond as we walk with our dogs
* changed our security of ownership as we realize that additional breeds could be added

Bill 132 changed the lives of all dog owners to the point where every dog and owner is now scrutinized when previously we were not. This social damage goes well beyond the technicalities of any law.

The Canadian Kennel Club urges you to ask each and every candidate in your riding the following questions and tell them their answer may be a deciding factor in your vote.

“Are you personally against the implementation of Bill 132 – Ontario’s Bill to ban specific dog breeds? If so, will you commit to working within your party to remove Bill 132?”

Send us the responses at bsl@ckc.ca . We all want to know and we will post them.

Expressions of support have been received including the following and, for many, they capture the essence of the day.

“I have no intentions of voting for any Candidate who supports Bill 132 – Ontario’s Bill to ban specific breeds. I will tell them that MY DOG VOTES!!!

“Most definitely, my dog votes through me and it will never vote for this Liberal Party.”

“John O’Toole Conservative incumbent for Durham has assured me that he personally will lobby and work to get the Breed Ban lifted and he assured me that this is his party’s official stand. I am wearing his button, have his flag on my car and have asked him to put his sign on my lawn.”

Now, not later, is the time to wave the flags wear the buttons, put up the signs and take your dog for a walk preaching to people to “think twice, vote once and choose to make a difference.”

To see correspondence received from candidates to date visit www.ckc.ca, go to CKC Resources/BSL Resource Centre/MY DOG VOTES or click here.

Walk your dog on October 10th and stop in to cast your ballot, because in Ontario it’s “MY DOG VOTES” day!

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  1. Hope
    Hope says:

    First off – you and the kids are more than welcome to the inflatable bed in our basement. As a matter of fact, you can have the whole basement – it’s got carpet and everything. Unfortunately, you’ll have to come upstairs for the bathroom, but it’s yours if you want it.
    Second – it’s actually quite comforting to know that stupid legislation happens in other places, too. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that sanity prevails, for a change.

  2. Heather
    Heather says:

    Hi, thanks for bringing thsi to my attention prior to voting, although they did get in, it reconfirmed my choice for voting even if Dalton is adding another stat holiday in February – BIG DEAL!!!!! But again thanks for putting this important info out there for people to be aware of, I let several friends who own other “bull” breeds know and as many other people as I could!!!

    PS: Delilah is looking as adorable as ever and her little growl made my heart go pitter patter!!!

    By the way quick question for you I was on I think youtube and there is a video (one of yours but not sure) of a frenchie that doesn’t bark but makes this very interesting swound in lieu of a bark, but it says absolutbulldogs, I was wondering if this is one of your bulldogs or not?

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