Mystery Pit Bull Saves Woman, Might Now Lose Life

Kalena Mallon with Faith, the dog who saved her life


Like everyone , I am a sucker for stories of heroic dogs who save the lives of their people. Even more amazing are those mystery dogs who seem to appear out of nowhere, just in the nick of time…

But not all heroic dog stories have happy endings – not if you live, like I do, in a province or state with BSL (breed specific legislation).


From the Brantford Digital Journal –

Mallon credits a stranger named Faith with keeping her alive after she passed out due to a rare heart condition on a busy road in Brantford, Ontario.
In June of this year, Kalena Mallon, 30, suffered a mini stroke because of her heart condition and suffers low blood pressure seizures.
Mallon said during a phone interview that she was walking on the side of the road near her Brantford home when she passed out. The young woman was in serious danger but none of those who saw her laying in the road came to help until one stranger risked their life.
Faith is a 10-month-old Pit Bull mixed breed puppy. She stood over Mallon as the cars zoomed by honking their horns protecting her. Mallon’s husband was at home and heard the commotion. When he saw his wife’s helpless body laying in the street with only a puppy looking out for her he ran to her aid. Once safely at home Mallon’s husband gave her medicine to revive her.
“I had never seen Faith before,” Mallon said quietly, “It was as if she appeared out of heaven.”
Faith, the name that Mallon gave her hero canine stray stayed by her side for three hours.


You’d imagine that Faith, the hero Pit Bull, would be up for a medal, or a commendation. You’d be wrong – after all, this happened in Ontario, where Pit Bulls are banned. What Faith was facing, instead, was execution.


 Mallon’s husband called the SPCA’s emergency line to see if anyone was missing their pet. The SPCA informed the family that they could be facing a minimum $5000 fine and a minimum of 30 days in jail for housing a stray said Mallon. The SPCA said that they didn’t deal with strays at night and to call the police.

A policeman came to the home an hour and a half later.

“At first he was scared of Faith but then she jumped up and licked him in the face,” Mallon laughed, “After that the officer kept calling her a sweet, good dog.”

Because of the law he had to take her away. Mallon stood crying as the car holding her hero traveled down the street.

Mallon said that the SPCA is mad at her for trying to save Faith’s life.

“The SPCA is mad at me for trying to find Faith a new home. They told me that if I step on their property they will have me arrested for trespassing,” Mallon said adding that the agency claims that Faith has been aggressive with other dogs. Mallon was allowed a visit with Faith where she witnessed Faith playing with other dogs and that she was not aggressive then nor at the Mallon home on Saturday.

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Please note that it is the SPCA – the Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals – who are being a bunch of pissy little bitches about Mallon’s efforts to save Faith.

How dare she try to stop them from killing a dog? Who does she think she is, some kind of animal rescuer?

Good grief. It’s bad enough we have to live with this stupid law, without having our Humane Societies practically chomping at the bit for the chance to enforce it.

Mallon’s attempts to get politicians to intercede for Faith have been fruitless – apparently, they grow their politicians stupid in Brantford, because who doesn’t want the chance to be known as the guy who saved the hero Pit Bull puppy? Someone needs to get these guys a new press agent for Christmas – better yet, get Brantford some new politicians (and Ontario a new government, while you’re at it).

Thankfully, an outside rescue group has now stepped in, and is making arrangement to get Faith out of Ontario. Her life, at least, will be spared, but she won’t be there the next time Mallon needs a miracle, and those of us who live in Ontario will be one ‘miracle dog’ the poorer.



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  1. Social Mange
    Social Mange says:

    The OSPCA isn’t too freakin’ smart. It screws up the Toronto Humane Society investigation, it kills animals supposedly suffering from “ringworm” (a treatable ailment) and the post-mortem report says there was no ringworm in the shelter, now they want to kill a puppy.
    Brantford is a community chock full o’ stupid.
    Glad the rescue group could get the pup out.
    Repeat after me, dopes, move your lips while you read.
    There is no such thing as a “pit bull”. It is a mixed or cross breed dog with a certain appearance that is known by the slang name “pit bull”. It is as real as a unicorn.
    Or a LIberal that tells the truth.

  2. christina ferris
    christina ferris says:

    saved her life?hardly..this dog did nothing but stand next to her.she wasprobably waiting for the woman to die so she could eat her.I hate pits

    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      Wow, Christina – thanks for that well reasoned and completely intelligent response. I guess it’s actually possible that the dog, being a monster baby killing “pit”, could have tripped her, slapped her around, and actually caused her to pass out. I wouldn’t put anything past one of those dogs.

      It was probably just waiting for a chance to push her into traffic – “pits” are sneaky like that.

      It’s always interesting to me what sort of a mirror “Pits” are. I sometimes think that what people see in them is most likely to be what we hate most about ourselves. If you are looking for monsters, then that’s what you’ll see, because it is what you see inside of yourself. How sad that really is, when you think about it.

      • Social Mange
        Social Mange says:

        “It’s always interesting to me what sort of a mirror “Pits” are. I sometimes think that what people see in them is most likely to be what we hate most about ourselves.”

        Very intriguing comment. I always wondered why the anti-“pit bull” nutters seemed so hateful and unthinking….this gives me some insight.

  3. vicky
    vicky says:

    I thought Christina was joking, until the end of her post. Thank you for being kind to her. She undoubtedly has a sad past that caused this. I live in BC, Canada. Is anything being done to try and change this law?

  4. Jill
    Jill says:

    What a shameful law is BSL and there could be no better focus on that shame than this occurrence. How deeply irrational fear drives those who harbour it.

    I adopted a little peanut pibble after the enactment of BSL to ensure that at least one less would have to live in loneliness and uncertainty, or an untimely death. She is absolutely, irreparably sweet and affectionate as I suspect Faith is also. I hope that she has the opportunity to live in love, family and home now.

  5. Cassie
    Cassie says:

    Christina probably thinks all black people are criminals, all Mexicans on the street are illegal, and all Germans are anti-semitic nazis.
    I sincerely hope they find a way to save Faith. BSL is completely archaic.

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