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Tula and her newborn French Bulldog puppy

Tula and her black masked fawn boy

Not much time, but here are some photos of Tula’s newborn French Bulldog puppies – two boys, one black masked fawn, and one black masked silver brindle. It was fun getting to and from the vet’s office – we’re under a severe winter storm warning, and the roads I drove on were basically slicks of ice, in several places.

Everyone is doing well, but Tula has some rather worrisome cyst like growths on her uterus. We’ll be spaying her in ten weeks, per the vet’s instructions – she was reluctant to do it now, and prefers to wait for the uterus to be less engorged before she removes it. Hopefully, the spay will take care of whatever the growths are – but some crossed fingers wouldn’t hurt.

Tula is, as always, being a doting and attentive mother.

Photos below, or on Flickr.

5 replies
  1. maggie
    maggie says:

    Awwwwww!! Adorable!!

    I’m so excited that there are more puppies to watch grow up. 🙂

    Maggie, Lola and Sushi

      • Maggie
        Maggie says:

        Awesome! I’ll make sure to tell her.. and my mom, my mom will love that. 🙂

        Oh, Carol – Sushi’s bouncing back from the surgery like all she did was skin her knee. She’s the same crazy, un-stoppable puppy.. I’m looking into a straight jacket for the 10 days I’m supposed to keep her quiet.

        Maggie, Lola and Sushi

        • frogdogz
          frogdogz says:

          I’ve almost always had them get home and instantly act like nothing ever happened. Unlike us – we get a hysterectomy, we’re out of commission for a month, minimum.

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