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Pammy Makes New Friends

Pammy in the sunshine

Pammy had an adventure this afternoon – she traveled to our friend Kelly’s house, where she made some new four and two legged friends, chief among them Luther and Heart!

Luther, of course, is daddy to Bunny’s most recent litter – Po, Vela, Jacques, Hugo and Paco (formerly known as Peanut Butter). Heart is our very own Heart of Gold puppy, born just about one year ago. It’s always nice catching up with Miss Heart and seeing how she’s doing (and finding out how much trouble she’s been getting into). Apparently, Heart’s new favorite hobby is glaring at the miniature horses, and jumping onto Kelly’s dining room table (mid meal) to steal food.

Heart and Pammy

Luther was quite taken by Pammy, but we had to break it to him that she was still jail bait, so he’d better back off with the amorous advances. Pammy fell head over heels in love with Winston, who she didn’t seem to regard as a sentient being, but more as a really large, warm throw rug. She also came nose to nose with her first kitten, an experience she shrugged off as ‘eh’.

Pammy and Winston

All in all, a busy day for a small puppy!

Lots of photos after the cut, or on Flickr.

3 replies
    • Isabelle
      Isabelle says:

      Fran and Hope,

      I am so sorry for your loss of Golly.

      All of us pet-owners know that terrible emptiness our companions leave behind when it’s their time to go and yet a well lived life, whether human or canine, trumps death always.

      “Death,… where is thy victory?”

      I wish you strengh and confort in your many memories of Golly.

  1. Kim
    Kim says:

    Ok, where did you get that great harness. Is that the kind you can soak with water to keep your frenchie cool? Pammy looks like she’s just born for the camera.

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