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Penelope's Pups are Nine Days Old

OK, this is a sort of “meet the kids” video. In order — roughly — we have:

The largest girl, who is a dark cream, getting her belly tickled. Also, can I point out here that she has, bar none, the softest fur I have ever felt? It’s double coated, with outer guard hairs that sparkle like spun gold, and even if you ruffle it backwards, it’s just so soft you want to squoosh your face into it and sleep there forever.

The second largest cream girl, getting her belly licked by Penelope. She’s so mellow — she just hangs out on her back, with the tip of her little tongue sticking out. She has dark pigment, and a head like a little pumpkin.

Then there’s a quick shot of the little cream boy, who isn’t a big fan of the back sleeping thing, after which we cut to the black masked fawn boy, doing cute black masked fawn stuff.

Next up, the teeny tiny leetle terror, pink nose and all, looking leetle and adorable and squinchy faced (shut up, it is so a word).

After that, it’s another shot of butterscotch girl, and then some group photos. Phew! We need to put little stickers on them, so I don’t have to go through this every time I shoot a video.

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