Pierre in Korea is Looking for a Home

We all know that homeless French Bulldogs are becoming unfortunately common in the United States and Canada. In Europe, as well, homeless French Bulldogs in  need are skyrocketing. It had never occurred to me that the same might be true in a place like South Korea, but an email I received this morning changed all of that. It was from Corrie Gillet, a volunteer at the Korean Animal Protection Society, a group located in Daegu, South Korea.

Corrie was writing on behalf of Pierre (or “Prince Pierre”, as she calls him), a homeless Korean French Bulldog with a heartbreaking story.

Sadly, life ISN’T a fairy tale, and Pierre knows this better than most. His 5 years on this earth have been wrought with pain, fear, and unfortunate circumstances.

Abandoned at the gate of the shelter, Pierre was left wondering what had gone wrong- and this was only the beginning of his journey. Over the next year and a half, Pierre went through a handful of foster homes and potential adopters, good people who meant well but ultimately had to let him down in the end, leaving Pierre broken-hearted and alone.

Along with his string of unfortunate circumstances, Pierre has had to battle a violently aggressive bout of heart worms, which have left his big, loving heart a little scarred.

But Pierre is a fighter, a survivor. He’s still under treatment for heart worms, and will be re-tested again soon- but he’s winning the battle! His heart worm struggle has taken a tole on his other organs, but he’s bouncing back beautifully. He’s definitely still in need of some TLC, and will probably need it for a while yet- but surely that’s a small price to pay for the loving loyalty Pierre will bring you!

Although many humans have had to say goodbye in his past, Pierre is as loving as ever, but he’ll need a bit of time and patience while he learns he can trust you (and who can blame him?) He enjoys going for walks, playing outside, and snuggling. He’s great on a leash, and is quiet when indoors. He knows what is appropriate to chew on and what isn’t (chew toys vs. shoes!), and he never goes potty inside the house ! All-together, he is very well-mannered and charming- he has all the good breeding of a member of royalty!

Corrie’s photos and videos show a sweet, playful, well mannered salt and pepper ticked French Bulldog. He knows a fair amount of tricks, and Corrie and her fiancee have done wonders training this formerly homeless dog to be someone’s perfect pet.

Unfortunately, Pierre is running out of time. His foster parents are leaving Korea in October, and they can’t take Pierre with them. If an adoptive home isn’t found, Pierre might have to return to life at the shelter, with no guarantee he will be adopted before his time on death row runs out.

Please don’t let Pierre have come so far, only to end up right back where he began.

Apply today to adopt Pierre. KAPS has adopted dogs before to homes in Canada and the USA, so please do not let distance stop you from considering this wonderful little boy.

If you are interested in Pierre, please contact his foster mother at adoptbullies@gmail.com.

If you can’t adopt Pierre, can you help us to spread the word on Facebook, Twitter and through your blogs? Let’s see if we can help this Prince Charming find his happily ever after.

Here’s one of Pierre’s videos, and his photos are below.

Please note: I know that there are numerous foreign ‘adoption’ scams on the internet, but we have confirmed that KAPS is a legitimate rescue group, and Pierre is a real French Bulldog in need of a home.

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  1. frogdogz
    frogdogz says:

    We do! If Pierre doesn’t find a home, we are going to try to bring him to Canada – but let’s hope someone adopts him, first! Please help spread the word about Pierre.

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