Pierre is a Canadian!

Thanks to the combined efforts of Korean Animal Protection Society, Maya Shin of Pet Airline Korea (who was incredibly helpful – if Canadian shipping agents were as thorough as Maya, more of us would consider shipping dogs) and of ECFBR volunteers Michelle Williams and her sister, Yvette, Pierre has arrived safe and sound on Canadian soil.

After nineteen hours in the air, and additional hours on the ground at each end, Pierre was understandably happy to get out of his crate. His first order of business, after a good sniff and bum wiggle for Canadian French Bulldog Welcoming Committee Member, Billie, was to go outside and pee for what seemed like half an hour. Pierre wandered about for a bit, undoubtedly wondering what was up with the cold, drizzly Canadian weather, and then he was quite ready and willing to give all of us kisses and snorty snuggles. A short while later, he happily hopped in the back of Michelle’s truck, where he rode for the two hour ride back to Port Hope.

Pierre is a happy, bouncy, playful little guy, but he’s a bit too rambunctious for Michelle’s crew of special needs dogs, so he’s going to be looking for a new permanent home in Southern Ontario. He’ll do best in a home with another dog of the opposite sex, who is able to withstand Pierre’s rough and tumble type of play. Pierre is very interested in chasing squirrels, so much so that Michelle had to move her garden furniture to make sure he wouldn’t go over her wooden fence, so I think cats are out of the question for Pierre.

If you’re interested in possibly adopting our new Korean pal, please fill out the application you’ll find here. Again, homes with no cats or toy breed dogs only, please. A larger, steady natured dog of the opposite sex would probably be perfect for Pierre.


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  1. Roberta Mroz Schultz
    Roberta Mroz Schultz says:

    oh MY god I LOVE it…….Do I really have to move to southern Ontario to make him mine? I will consider! I will fill out application when I get home thisevening anyway…You guys made my day…


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