Please Help Ella – a Frenchie Rescue Emergencey

Imagine that you are a French Bulldog puppy. One day, you are taken away from your brothers and sisters, and from your mother, and you go to live with a new family. If you had been a lucky French Bulldog, you would now have a safe, loving home for life, with people who care for you, feed you and protect you.

You, however, are not one of the lucky ones. You are, instead, Ella – a small, cream French Bulldog who ended up with an owner who found you annoying instead of charming, a burden instead of a blessing. A few times, your owner offered to give you away to people, only to change her mind. She apparently thought that maybe she could breed you, someday, and maybe ‘get some of her money back’. Eventually, your owner contacted rescue, telling them that she was moving, and that you, Ella, were in the way, so could they please take you? She was in quite a rush to get rid of you, Ella, and then at the very last minute, she changed her mind. We’re so sorry that we couldn’t get to you then, to help you, because things got much worse for you after that.

You came down with something – an upper respiratory infection. It made it hard for you to breathe, hard for you to walk, hard for you to eat. You lost weight, you got dizzy. Your owner took you to the vet, who immediately said you needed xrays to see what was truly going on. Your owner said no, xrays cost too much, just give us some antibiotics. The vet, hands tied, did the best they could, and you went back home with her, Ella, where you were ignored for weeks as you worsened. You must have been awfully scared, because your downhill slide was just starting. One day, you woke up in unimaginable pain. You could not breathe, before, and now you could not walk without growing dizzy and falling over. Something was blocking your mouth, your nose and you felt like you were suffocating, like you were dying. This is when you need your people the most, and that is when the ultimate betrayal happened to you, Ella.

Instead of helping you, your owner said “hey, take this dog. She’s sick, maybe narcoleptic or something, I don’t want her anymore”. She left her at University of Pennsylvania Vet Clinic, said she wasn’t going to pay any vet bills for the dog, ‘just put her down, or whatever’. Your owners are the kind of people who break vet’s hearts and make them bitter, Ella.

That’s where the French Bulldog Village stepped in. We want to get you the care you need, but it’s going to take surgery – almost $3,000 worth of surgery, and our piggy bank is empty, because this has been a very bad year for dogs with very large veterinary bills. But we’re going to try to help you, Ella, because every once in a while, you see a Princess in the Ashes, and you just want to be her hero, the one who rescues her. You want to let her see that “Some stories, Ella, really do have happy endings”.

Can you help us to give one to Ella? Please send your emergency donation via this link – or directly via this button:


Or donate through her chip in –

Time is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL for Ella. Ella has a growth in her nasal cavity, and unless it’s removed, and soon, she is going to die. She needs her surgery as soon as possible, to get the best chance of a succesful outcome. Please, we don’t beg very often, but this is truly a French Bulldog Rescue Emergency.

Remember, if you can’t give, you can still help us by sharing Ella’s story. Cross post, tweet, post her on Facebook – get the word out there, for Ella’s sake.

I will be posting updates on Ella as they come in from U Penn. Please say prayers for Ella – we’ll take all the help we can get.

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  1. Soleil Doux @ Soleil Doux Blog
    Soleil Doux @ Soleil Doux Blog says:

    Poor sweet baby. She looks so scared and sick… but she still reminds me SO much of my own cream Frenchie, Zoey. Gotta say, this story has really gotten to me–who could treat their worst enemy, much less such a loyal, loving companion this way? I hope we all can band together and help save this precious girl.

  2. Susan
    Susan says:

    Ella looks like a sweetheart – I hope she gets her surgery right away. Poor little girl. Someone should shoot the %^& who neglected her so.

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